Your Voice to Oracle

OAUG members have a unified voice for communicating with Oracle. The OAUG Customer Support Council collects information from members to identify needs or areas of concern. The council then works with Oracle Support to evaluate and address priority topics.

Submit an Oracle Support-related request, question or concern to the council at .

Only Oracle and authorized Oracle service providers deliver the around-the-clock, enterprise-class support and ongoing product innovation that organizations demand. Now, Oracle is introducing a new initiative to help customers get the most of their investment through enhanced sharing of Oracle Support knowledge and best practices. Read the article (PDF file).

The EBS Upgrade Advisor is designed to guide you through your upgrade. The Patching and Maintenance Advisor is designed to guide you through patching and maintenance activities. The advisors are specially crafted documents that incorporate information from various sources using best practices and, where applicable, provide step-by-step instructions. Through this overview you will learn how these two powerful tools can help you with your upgrade and patching needs. Read the full article

Access a recorded webcast on the Order Management Advisor Webcast Calendar And Archive.

The OAUG Customer Support Council’s advocacy on behalf of OAUG members, enacted through its long-standing relationship with Oracle Support, has resulted in a number of significant announcements about Oracle Support extensions or exceptions in recent years. During Oracle OpenWorld 2013, Oracle announced additional exceptions for Sustaining Support for Oracle E-Business Suite R11.5.10 customers as well as the waiver of Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1 Extended Support fees.