Rely on the insights and experiences of other Oracle Applications users to ease and inform your path to the cloud – whether you’re remaining with on-premises solutions for now, moving rapidly to the cloud or extending functionality in a hybrid environment.

Find information on E-Business Suite (EBS) release 12.2.8 and other innovations in the OAUG Blog post: "Keep up with EBS Development". The post includes the official release announcement and a video from Cliff Godwin, Oracle Senior Vice President of Application Development.

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From On-Premises to Hyperion Budgeting and Planning in the Cloud
Christia Johnson, Polk Co. Board of Commissioners

Summer18Cover Wonderful Journey to OTM Cloud

The Wonderful Company migrated from on-premises Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) 6.4.1 to Cloud OTM 6.4.2 versions and continues to integrate with three different on-premises Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) instances.

Everyone is talking about the cloud, but maintaining existing, on-premises ERP systems is still a reality for many. As business needs evolve, customers may encounter the need to add EBS products to their environments or license additional users for existing products. The Oracle Applications Unlimited Team is a specialized selling organization dedicated to on-premises installed base customers. Contact the Oracle Applications Unlimited Team.