Vendor Awareness Sessions

The OAUG offers a unique educational opportunity to Oracle Applications users through its Vendor Awareness Sessions (VAS). These free sessions are provided on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays by OAUG Associate members seeking to showcase their complementary products and services.

Don’t be caught out by a big bill from the Oracle Licensing team! Here’s a simple solution to help you stay compliant – run regular license audits to check your ERP module usage and highlight any areas of non-compliance. The results will be available within hours.
This service makes it easy for you to:

• Keep a regular check on license usage
• Provide evidence for the Oracle License Audit team
• Avoid unexpected charges for non-compliant use.

No technical effort needed, no SQL scripts, and no panicking! Join us at this short webinar to see how quick and easy it can be.