Debbie Morris

Debbie Morris

The Member Snapshot column in this issue of OAUG Insight is dedicated to Debbie Morris, a selfproclaimed introvert who can’t help but speak up and join in when it comes to the OAUG.

Involved with Oracle Applications since 1997 and the OAUG since 2000, Debbie loves the fact that she is able to take full advantage of the benefits of membership while sharing her talents by actively serving on a number of committees and OAUG Geographic (Geo) and Special Interest Groups (SIGs). She is currently an active member of the OAUG Membership Committee and the OAUG Board of Directors Nominating Committee. She has also been a vocal member of the Atlanta OAUG Geo since 2000 and a member of the Oracle E-Business Suite SIG since 2012.

“As a part of the OAUG, you can really influence change as a collective, collaborative group,” she said. “You can tell that we’re very respected by Oracle and have a strong influence, especially in the development area.”

Debbie initially came from a development background prior to becoming an IT manager eight years ago, and one thing she finds very useful about being a part of the OAUG is the online resources available to members, particularly the various whitepapers and webinars on the latest Oracle Applications trends and best practices. She can easily get relevant information applicable to her career path and receive real-life, workable solutions for any issues she may be having, all for the simple cost of OAUG membership.

“My advice to other members is to definitely get involved as much as you can,” she said. “It’s so easy to have a voice and to have your ideas heard. As an OAUG member, you are highly valued and are encouraged to join as many committees as possible.”

Debbie clearly takes her own advice to heart by going to as many committee meetings as possible. If she is working on something that will be addressed in a meeting, Debbie will be there. She finds the OAUG community extremely helpful and gathers a lot of valuable information from attending meetings. When asked if she felt as strongly about OAUG conferences as she did committee meetings, she emphatically stated, “There is no equivalent substitute to conferences like COLLABORATE. I learn so much from attending these events and gain so much valuable insight from the networking opportunities o¨ered. It is well worth every single penny.”

Debbie’s passionate nature is just as evident outside of the OAUG as it is within the organization. The mother of three serves with her husband on both the board of their church as well as their community center.

Debbie has a bachelor of science degree from City College of New York and a masters of business administration with a concentration in information technology from Mercer University Stetson School of Business. She is currently an IT manager at a major utility holding company based in Atlanta and has been an active member of the OAUG for more than 15 years.