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Tammy Adler

Tammy Adler

COLLABORATE: Attend the conference and save your company time and resources. Thank you to the presenters who share so unselfishly!

I have found attendance to the COLLABORATE conference extremely beneficial. It helps me provide much better service to my company.

In 2013, I attended the conference just as we had begun the task of upgrading from EBS 11.5.10 to 12.1.3. The sessions I attended allowed me to put together a plan and be aware of specific bugs and patches, as well as support notes. It helped us save a lot of time during the early stages as well as throughout the project. I kept the materials from one specific session on hand and referenced them as a go-to doc. The presenter was a DBA like myself and had really put together the type of information that we look for.

Session attendace this year had several immediate takeaways for our team. We are currently implementing a lot of best practices.

Tammy Adler
Database Administrator, Alliance Resource Partners, L.P (ARLP)