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What is an OAUG Ambassador?

OAUG AmbassadorEach member organization has one designated OAUG Ambassador who serves as the primary point of contact. OAUG Ambassadors fulfill a few simple obligations throughout the year in order to maximize the value of your organization's OAUG membership. These simple yet important actions will help to ensure your colleagues have OAUG logins and know how to access the latest-and-greatest OAUG free and discounted benefits; this, in turn, will help to save you time and money.

What is the difference between a Billing Contact and an Ambassador?

The Billing Contact’s only obligation each year is to receive and pay their annual OAUG membership dues invoice. The Ambassador inherits the ability to vote on behalf of your organization, edit your contacts list (deactivating previous employees and adding new ones who need access to OAUG resources). Ambassadors are obligated to review and/or update their contacts list once a year and send a Benefits Reminder & Update quarterly email to all of your contacts (a message provided by the OAUG) in order to ensure your colleagues are up to date on all of the free and discounted resources available to them through their OAUG membership. Ambassadors can also utilize the Ambassadors Resource Page to find resources all year to help their co-workers. 

How do I edit my organization's list of contacts?

You can contact to notify us of any former employees who should no longer be listed under your organization's membership or any new employees who should. You can also select How to Update Contacts under the Ambassador Resources for a step-by-step tutorial.

We ask that all Ambassadors check and update their organization's list of current contacts with OAUG logins at least once a year. Make sure you complete the Ambassador Participation Form once this task is complete so you receive credit toward the chance to win a free conference pass to the OAUG event of your choice!

Is there a limit to the number of member logins set up or benefits accessed with our corporate membership?

No. User Members and Associate Members can have an unlimited number of employees and member logins associated with their OAUG membership. Individual Associate Members are limited to one contact person.

What if an employee has an OAUG login set up under another organization's membership?

If they find that their OAUG profile is outdated or associated with the wrong organization, they can make those changes once logged in. Please feel free to encourage your colleagues to contact  or +1.404.240.0897, extension 2 if they have any questions or problems with the OAUG website or login process.

How do I make someone else the Billing Contact?

Contact and provide the new contact’s name and email address. OAUG staff will notify the existing Billing Contact of this change.

I am the Ambassador for my organization but there is someone better suited for this role. How do I designate them as our new Ambassador?

Please contact for assistance and to notify OAUG of the change to your membership contact. An OAUG staff member will help make the change to your organization. 

How do I register for one of the Informational Webinars?

Email  to schedule a one-on-one ambassador webinar. These are helpful if you are a new ambassador or you would like a refersher on the ambassador program.