Each OAUG member organization has one designated Ambassador who serves as the primary point of contact for the membership. Ambassadors help their co-workers maximize the value of the organization's membership. 

Ambassadors keep their co-workers informed about OAUG member benefits and new OAUG programs and services. And, Ambassadors have access to the organization's list of contacts and can add or remove contacts within the organization.

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The OAUG implemented a new software system. Learn how to navigate the system including the manage your organization section. 

OAUG Ambassador Tasks

01 Review and update your organization’s list of employees with logins once a year. The OAUG will send the update notice by email; a response is due within 30 days of receipt.

02 Send quarterly OAUG Benefits Reminder & Update emails (provided by the OAUG) to all of your colleagues about the benefits of OAUG membership. Find helpful benefit updates every month on the new Ambassdor Resource Page

03Be aware of the organization's OAUG membership renewal date and make sure the renewal is processed on time so that membership benefits are not interrupted.

04Vote on behalf of your organization in the OAUG Board of Directors elections each year (not tracked or included in the ambassador participation form).

OAUG Ambassador Participation Form and Recognition

Mark each task you complete on the Ambassador participation form

Ambassadors who fulfill the top three requirements outlined above by December 31 of each year and complete the  Ambassador participation form are entered into a drawing for one full conference registration to COLLABORATE. All Ambassadors will also receive recognition at OAUG events as a thank you for your efforts.