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Uncheck the Pause Button

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You may have heard: There is good news for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) users! Oracle recently announced a new product release strategy that allows customers to access applications and technology updates on an ongoing basis without the headaches and cost of a major upgrade.

This “continuous innovation” model applies now for customers already on EBS 12.2.

For customers on EBS 12.1, it’s time to “uncheck the pause button.”

"The issue for the customer on 12.1 is that they didn't want to do two of these upgrades, one to 12.2 and then turn around and do another to 12.3, which we told them was coming. A lot of those customers are waiting, and not advancing, waiting for 12.3 to come in. With the announcement this week, customers really don't need to wait anymore."

– Cliff Godwin, Oracle Senior Vice President, Applications Development

During Oracle OpenWorld 2018, I spoke with Oracle’s Cliff Godwin about continuous innovation for EBS 12.2, life after upgrades, revised support timelines and how to get help with on-premises software and new licenses. Get more information from the transcript of our conversation.

Then, as you evaluate next steps for EBS in your organization or begin to apply new functional or technology capabilities, know that the OAUG is here to help! From eLearning webinars to conference papers from prior years to fresh new content to help you navigate EBS upgrades and other improvements at COLLABORATE 19 in April – we are here to connect you with the information and people you need to take full advantage of what EBS 12.2.8 has to offer. If you have a specific need, please let me know how else the OAUG can help support your efforts with information, training and connections with peers and experts. Contact me at .

Christine Hipp, OAUG President
Twitter: @Chipp123Hipp

COLLABORATE 19 – OAUG Forum: Registration is Open!

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The OAUG Forum offers user training and networking for E-Business Suite, On-Prem EPM/Hyperion, EPM Cloud, ERP Cloud, Data Science & Analytics, SCM Cloud, CX Cloud, Personal Growth & Leadership and more.

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Who Should be the OAUG Member of the Year and Innovator of the Year?

The OAUG Member of the Year recognizes an individual for outstanding service to the OAUG and its members. The Innovator of the Year recognizes a user member organization that has implemented a breakthrough idea in the use of an Oracle Application. Find out more and submit your nominations by the end of the year. And, yes, you can nominate yourself or your own company. The awards will be presented at COLLABORATE 19.

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Oracle News

Continuous Innovation for Oracle EBS 12.2

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