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Unraveling the E-Business Suite Output Post Processor (OPP)

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  • Panelist Information: Alfredo Abate - Brake Parts Inc.
  • Recording Date: Tuesday, 25 July 2017
  • Recording Time: - 3:00 PM EDT
  • Duration: - 1 Hr

This presentation will provide an overview of the Output Post Processor (OPP) architecture in Oracle E-Business Suite. What happens when your concurrent request is sent to the Output Post Processor? Why is this manager so critical to those requests needing post-processing actions? We'll take a look at how to best configure, tune and monitor the Output Post Processor for the ultimate performance. Tips on BI/XML Publisher best practices to help minimize the impact on the Output Post Processor will be discussed. This will be of interest to both DBAs and Developers alike.

Presentation Objective 1: Attendees will understand the architecture of the Output Post Processor.

Presentation Objective 2: Attendees will learn how to properly configure, monitor and tune the Output Processor.

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