Case Study for Migrating Transaction Matching Solution from Blackline to ARCS

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  • Panelist Information: Ashwin Tandon, Infosys Limited, Joe Guillotte, and Rahul Bansal
  • Recording Date: Thursday, 12 July 2018
  • Recording Time: 3:00 pm ET
  • Duration: 1 hr

Journey to the Cloud

This session walks through our client's successful journey of migrating a highly complex Transaction Matching solution from Blackline to Oracle ARCS. Audience will be excited to learn the complexities around Cash reconciliation setup involving 3 way matching for six different data sources with 15 different matching processes. Users will also understand flexibility provided by ARCS to accommodate unique data transformation needs before transactions can be matched. The session would also cover how ‘Lights-out’ automation of data loads from Oracle fusion cloud/third party extracts is implemented to automate the whole process. The session will be concluded with key learning, success factors and benefits from the project.

Attendees will learn:

Competitive Analysis of ARCS with other reconciliation tools, Configuration of Complex Transaction matching Setup, Tips and Tricks when Migrating from Blackline