New Revenue Recognition Rules – How Will You Comply?

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  • Panelist Information: Hans Kolbe & Dan Chaffer, Celantra
  • Recording Date: Tuesday, 07 November 2017
  • Recording Time: - 3:00 PM ET
  • Duration: - 1 Hour

In 2018, all public companies that report in US GAAP or IFRS must comply with new revenue recognition rules. Aimed at Accounting leadership, this session will focus on the complexities of compliance and illustrate how Oracle’s new Revenue Management Cloud service may be the best solution to this problem. While you may not think that “the cloud” is on your horizon, we will show how this browser-based software can satisfy these critical requirements, with a much lower level of IT involvement.
Presentation Objectives include, illustrating how Oracle’s new Rev Mgmt. cloud tool may be the perfect answer to complying with the new Revenue Guidance, providing high-level overview of new Revenue recognition rules, showing how complexities in new revenue recognition rules can be answered by Oracle Revenue Management Cloud, and discussing advantages / disadvantages of this cloud-based tool for complex ERP environments (e.g. with third-party app data)