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Essbase Cloud has a brand new user interface; less obvious is that it also has a brand new Application Programming Interface (API), which can be used to automate virtually any task that can be performed via the user interface - loading data, manipulating outlines, maintaining security, and much more. In this session you will learn how to get started using this new and flexible tool in Windows or Unix-like environments, how it compares to other automation options (such as MaxL, the Java API, and the Essbase Cloud Command-Line utility), and the unique advantages the Essbase Cloud Rest API offers to…
  • Author Tim German
  • Company Qubix
  • Track Cloud EPM/Hyperion
  • Product Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
This presentation will address two critical tasks in a Hyperion installation; automation of the processes to backup Hyperion Application "Artifacts" and Essbase databases. Seed Hyperion utilities, in conjunction with standard shell scripting and scheduling tools can be used to automate these processes in any environment. In addition, these techniques can be used to automate any Essbase command line operation using "MaxL" the multidimensional database access language for Hyperion Essbase OLAP Server.
  • Author Dan Dunlap
  • Company Application Software Technology(AST) LLC
  • Track On-Prem EPM/Hyperion
  • Product Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, BI Publisher, Hadoop
This session will feature three banks that have recently implemented Hyperion Planning, EPBCS or PBCS to deliver solutions specific for their industry. The panel speakers from Western Alliance Bank and HomeStreet Bank will present how technology has helped them manage the impacts of change in business growth and financial strategies.
  • Author Valentino Hafalia
  • Company Western Alliance Bank
  • Track Cloud EPM/Hyperion
  • Product Personal Development/Training, Active Data Guard, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Oracle Database, BI Publisher, Hyperion Financials, Forms and Reports, Oracle Cloud - DBaaS, Oracle Cloud/Fusion - Human Capital Management, Oracle Enterprise Manager
You will learn how to use the Hyperion Financial Reports to schedule/ generate/ distribute monthly financial statements or budget reports quickly and efficiently using bursting functionality, books/batches; how to run reports in Smart View and how to attach Hyperion Financial Reports to Planning task list. This session will empower you how to automate your financial reports distribution using different output destinations (e-mail and external folder); how to use Hyperion Financial Reports in many different ways and get the most value out of this product.
  • Author Ija Vidaurri
  • Company Caesars Entertainment
  • Track On-Prem EPM/Hyperion
  • Product Application Express
It’s time to take reporting and boldly go where no report has gone before with Enterprise Performance Reporting! In this session, we will navigate through Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service (leveraging data from Planning Budgeting Cloud Service) to examine methods in creating financial reports for higher education institutions and public sector. As we know, financial reporting helps in decision-making and increasing accountability within higher education and public sector, and this session will equip attendees with practical tools to create reliable and process-driven reports.
  • Author Jay Chapman
  • Company Sierra-Cedar
  • Track Cloud EPM/Hyperion
  • Product Hyperion Financials, Big Data Appliance, SOA Suite
San Jose has become America’s most innovative city leveraging the Oracle product portfolio to digitize, transform and provide the next-gen city services to residents. Providing city services is has become extremely challenging today given the expansion of communication channels well beyond just telephones. In the path to innovation, the city has leveraged Oracle PaaS (ICS, Data Visualization), SaaS (Oracle Service Cloud) and Mobile platforms to provide citizens with an engaging, convenient way to connect with City government, including rich, multi-channel methods for public communications.
  • Author Ektaa Lilani
  • Company Application Software Technology(AST) LLC
  • Track CX Cloud
  • Product Oracle Cloud/Fusion - Enterprise Resource Planning, Framework (ADF)
Oracle has made significant improvements to Ravello that enable it to migrate production workloads. Furthermore, Ravello provides significant advantages related to:- Allowing older technology to run in the cloud – EBS 11.5.10? No problem!- Mitigating license obligation created by VMWare- Remove all concerns related to reestablishing network connectionsLearn how to build a strategy that gets you to the cloud today, while continuing to optimize and upgrade WHEN YOU ARE READY!
Enterprise Planning and Budgeting is often mired in a jungle of spreadsheets, hidden assumptions, unknown drivers, and obscure allocations. Management and staff spend most of their time on preparation instead of planning to meet strategic goals. In this session, we focus on Best Practices from Budget to Approval, identifying the core components, discussing the importance and implications of each, and highlighting the solutions delivered by the Oracle Planning and Budgeting.
Managing enterprise data as a critical asset is or prime importance to every enterprise. This involves influencing and implementing a strong data governance culture within the organization. Cloud transition of applications provide exceptional opportunity to establish and operate best practices MDM and data quality program for the enterprise. This paper shares some of the key challenges and great opportunities that can be leveraged with cloud transition based on our company's usage experience along with Best Practices Implementation and key references list.
  • Author Ravikanth Prabhu
  • Company Broadridge Financial Solutions
  • Track Big Data; BI & Analytics
  • Product Active Data Guard, Hyperion Planning, Oracle Cloud/Fusion - Supply Chain, Discoverer, Forms and Reports, Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Database In-Memory
Agile methodology transition from traditional waterfall model SDLC is a necessity for all enterprises to meet the speed to market products and services. Oracle Cloud Applications transition provide a great opportunity for development teams to transition to methodology for all high velocity organizations. Agile fosters teamwork, collaboration, planning and embedded process driven system implementation discipline to ensure success in every project with measurable metrics. This session will share our company's agile journey as well as best practices as implemented along with list of key references.
  • Author Ravikanth Prabhu
  • Company Broadridge Financial Solutions
  • Track Professional Development
  • Product Active Data Guard, Linux, Oracle Enterprise Manager
Maritz, a sales and marketing services company, completed their first transition to the cloud. Moving from Oracle Discoverer to Oracle BI Cloud Service. This transition enhanced the customer experience by reducing the collection and processing time of data, providing a single source of truth, providing better performance, improved security, and changing how we think and interact with data.
  • Author Jay Griffeth
  • Company Maritz Inc.
  • Track Big Data; BI & Analytics
  • Product Hyperion Data Relationship Management
The future for Manufacturing has Artificial Intelligence (AI) in it. But AI requires millions of data points to be relevant. This session will look at two industrial manufacturers, who are using similar, yet different techniques to capture millions of data points from employees, machines on their production floor about each lot, serial number they manufacture. We will explore how this wealth of in-context sensor data along with quality records can provide a future with AI predicting defects before they appear.
As digital transformation continues methods for handling transactions, contracts, records and other data are not keeping up. "Blockchain" may be the key. Blockchain provides an open, distributed ledger updateable only by consensus of involved parties. Efficiently storing transactions in a way that can be verified makes Blockchain attractive anywhere in industry that data and value are in motion. Blockchain is most commonly associated with digital currencies; but, it's most useful place may be securing IoT, medical records, contracts, transactions, and data transmissions.
Cloud has not become the default choice for many customers I speak to today. The main challenge many have is what does the journey look like from on-premises to Cloud. Typical questions we encounter are:- When should I move?- Should I do a 'big bang' approach?- What will the disruption be to my business?- What will the benefits be?Learn how help our customers on their journey from on-premises to the cloud. We advise on various methods from a pure lift and shift to a more complex remodel and redesign. Learn more about Boarding Pass to Cloud
University of Pittsburgh's CFO Office faced the retirement of the Hyperion BRIO query tool and chose a path to migrate to Oracle's Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) that resulted in better query performance, a common data model, and greater user engagement in self-service analysis. We will address the challenges that are typically faced in migrating users from a legacy product in order to provide a more robust reporting environment. A review of BRIO to OBIEE feature comparisons and data model enhancements will be covered.
Come hear how a private University is using Oracle's Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) to pull their current budget data into PBCS, make the necessary transfers in PBCS, and push the data back to PeopleSoft with minimal IT involvement. We will discuss the project requirements, the desired end-user interface, the data transfer process, the transfer approval process, as well as some other unique design characteristics. We will also discuss lessons learned during the project.
  • Author John Behme
  • Company Sierra-Cedar
  • Track Cloud EPM/Hyperion
  • Product Personal Development/Training, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, BI Publisher, Exadata
You don't need to be tech-savvy to build simple approval routings in Oracle Cloud. This presentation will review how using Approval Management Extensions (AMX) and Oracle Business Process Management (BPM) Worklists can achieve approval workflow in the Expenses and Accounts Payable modules of Cloud Financials R11. We will demonstrate the requirements process, and show how to copy and modify an existing rule, along with strategies for building and testing rules in BPM.
Today’s organizations demand more from their applications. They need to deliver modern user experience, robust functionality and allow users to work across multiple devices. In order to meet business demands and technology challenges, many organizations are turning to Oracle’s ERP Cloud Applications. This presentation will outline considerations for migration, what organizations need to know about ERP Cloud, how to prepare and what the differences are between On-Premise Oracle Applications and ERP Cloud.
  • Author Jon Given
  • Company Huron Consulting Group
  • Track ERP Cloud
  • Product JD Edwards World, Personal Development/Training, Active Data Guard, Essbase, BI Publisher, Application Express, Hyperion Performance
Moving to the Cloud for core business operations is seen as risky. But Cloud may eventually become a competitive necessity. Learn from our experience of evaluating Oracle cloud ERP as an end to end solution spanning supply chain and finance. The presentation would provide a compelling case study of how a highly customized on premise ERP can be realistically replaced by features and offerings on the Cloud. The discussion would introduce the audience to a reusable framework that will cover parameters across functional, integration, reporting, security and service operations.
  • Author Mukesh K Baldua and Kaushik Sivakumar
  • Company World Wide Technology, Inc. and ORACLE Corporation
  • Track ERP Cloud
  • Secondary Track Application Integration
  • Product Essbase, Oracle Cloud/Fusion - Enterprise Performance Management
Tasked with creating visual operational dashboards and having no knowledge of APEX and what it can do, we extracted data from Oracle EBS and Data from the factory floor (IoT) via our internal private cloud. The merged data was used to generate the dashboards. A goal was to help drive improvements on the factory floor and scheduling processes. We even created stop light colored gauges in APEX. With APEX we brought EBS and Manufacturing data to life. If our small team can do this in 2 months then you can too.
  • Author Jeff Maag
  • Company Chase Brass and Copper Co. LLC
  • Track Big Data; BI & Analytics
  • Product Active Data Guard, MDM Suite, Linux, Exalogic Elastic Cloud
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