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'In this case study we will share how challenges faced by a Silicon Valley High Tech company prompted them to quickly bring up their SOA infrastructure for their Oracle Supply Chain Integration, and will explain how a simple network was setup to connect them with suppliers. The SOA tools helped them to connect with their trading partners, and also put in all of their business process rules to be as simple as plug and play. Well walk you through their important considerations and demonstrate how Oracle SOA can help
Upgrading from to 12.1.3 is a complex process which involves lots of work from the applications DBA. Fortunately, Oracle provides lots of information to help with this process on My Oracle Support. Unfortunately, this information can be hard to find and even harder to tie together. In this session, we will review these complexities and point out the issues (and their solutions) that have arisen at various client sites.
This nontechnical session presents real-life examples of how Oracle Fusion Middleware is used with Oracle Applications to show how to gain business value from Oracle Fusion Middleware. Your integration or security projects may be modest, this session showcases little projects that take you small steps down the road of Oracle Fusion Middleware and how they have helped users.
Learn about improvements in Release 12 Oracle Cost Management that help you reconcile your G/L to perpetual inventory balances. Identity additional R12 changes that will hinder this reconciliation as well as common problems and workarounds. And how to use the month-end cost snapshot to systematically compare your G/L to perpetual inventory balances. These techniques work for Standard, Average, LIFO & FIFO Costing. Working SQL is included in this session. These techniques also work for Release 11i as well.
Case study on how we consolidated senior management reports in OBIEE; what were the challenges encountered and lessons learned; benefits of moving these reports away from standard FSG and a custom viewer; Impact on business and IT department with the OBIEE implementation
As an Essbase Administrator, you deserve to have an easy life & this session will give you the secrets you need to do just that. We'll discuss tips & tricks used by top consultants for Hyperion Essbase implementation & administration: automation of periodic processes, backup & recovery, assessing log files, troubleshooting & making short work of those day-to-day administrative tasks. If you want to increase your effectiveness as an Administrator or just learn some insider tips, don't miss this session!
Learn about the record definitions and views that support PeopleSoft security. This is an advanced course. You must be familiar with the overall security architecture (e.g. user profiles, permission lists, roles, etc.). Upon completion of this course, you will learn how to piece together record definitions and views using PeopleSoft Query to get the reports you need to fulfill security requests.
If you know basic approvals management but are interested in doing more complicated approvals as a Business Analyst (no programming needed) this presentation will show how to create additional Attributes to send documents out of the normal path. You will also see how to create/modify SQL statements for Approver Groups with Dynamic Usage Types to find your single required transaction. I will explain how to approve documents through e-mail replies if the approver doesn't have access to the E-Business Suite.
Based on implementation experience, hear best practices on delivering a project on-time and on-budget. Establish the right strategic plans for your business by eliminating data migration risk in your R12 upgrade and project cost over-runs. Learn proven implementation strategies which will result in reduced costs while adhering to compliancy standards.
This session is an overview of the additional functionality added between Release 11i and Release 12 in the Project Suite. Attendees will hear highlights of the functionality added for each module within the Project Suite, as well as a detailed explanation of specific topics for each.
This paper gives an overview of Oracle Analytic Functions and illustrates how Analytic Functions can simplify & speed up complex code in Oracle HRMS. Case based analysis is done and the improvements obtained by using analytic functions are clearly displayed. Examples are shown where Analytic Functions can reduce lengthy PL/SQL code and eliminate multiple usages of aggregate functions. Analytic Functions can also be used by Functional Consultants to generate sample data from Applications for writing test scripts.
Andrew Peller was able to creatively solve issues such as how to handle their yearly vintage flips and the need to properly sequence their bottling lines using Oracle's ASCP and Demantra DM products. We believe that reviewing the developed solutions can be beneficial to other companies who are facing the same underlying issues. In addition to sharing the solutions, we will share the process to get there and the associated results.
After implementing Advanced Benefits, Learning Management and Talent Management, implementation of iRecruitment ensured NSF International reap the full benefits of Human Capital Management suite to track a person from hire through retire process. The key factor for the successful implementation was the conversion of NSF's applicant and candidate information from the legacy system. This presentation provides the complete technical details needed for the smooth conversion.
Diebold Global Services currently use a legacy ¢‚¬ËWebstore'. The system does not have real-time view of master data and secondly, custom interfaces are causing a lot of problems with fulfillment and thereby customer satisfaction. A decision was made to implement Oracle R12 iStore to streamline the operations and provide up-to-the-minute customer order information. This paper discusses the best practice implementation methodology, extensions developed, issues with integration, user experience, and lessons learnt.
This presentation will demonstrate the functional and technical aspects of an automated sourcing model for a non-profit enterprise in the commodity business. Sales Orders from iStore and the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) are automatically sourced using custom sourcing logic, with override capabilities included. Outbound purchase orders utilize advanced pricing and the Approved Supplier List. Advance Ship Notices, supplier and customer invoices and 846 Inventory feeds via EDI complete the end-to-end solution.
CCC Information Services utilizes Service Contracts exclusively to invoice our Auto Body customers for ASP services. The company recieves over 1,000 new accepted quotes each month with 70% of them representing changes to the customers' existing Service Contract. Utilizing standard Oracle functionality, this requires a significant amount of manual effort to process these Service Contract changes. This project automated this process so that once Order Processing selects to "Process Order" it is completed.
We created a package using Oracle API's that will create a custom table of positions desired to be mass moved to new organizations on date desired, thus eliminating hours of needless keying and verification and also reducing probability of errors. The package also allows the ability to move the current position holder into the newly created position on their assignment record. After verification utilizing custom reports, you will then be able to execute a mass end-date of old positions.
Many organizations are planning to implement Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, and most seek advice on the best approach to achieve the maximum return on investment, delivering business value and driving user adoption. This session will cover tried and tested strategies on how to manage 5 areas that present the greatest risk to an organization when implementing OBIA. We will walk through the following areas:
In a digital age, social and business networking sites, job boards, tweeting, blogging etc. provide untold volumes of information that must be sifted, sorted and assessed before becoming usable in a meaningful way. Engaging your network through personal face-to-face conversations is a dying art, and one that is unmatched in the quality of information gained, plus it's a lot more fun!
PeopleSoft Financials drives business processes that span beyond PeopleSoft, including external systems and even manual tasks. This can make it difficult to manage your business processes. However, there are tremendous benefits if you can efficiently manage these processes. This session focuses on the benefits to be gained, including facilitating process improvements, shorter timelines, reduced costs and compliance with your policies.
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