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Oracle awarding BT a 2008 Global Innovation Award, recognising our place at the very forefront of the use of Oracle composite solutions; a holistic architecture combining Oracles eBusiness Suite, Middleware, Datawarehousing & Business Intelligence produ Learn about BTs Oracle 1st Enterprise Architecture vision, and how this enables us to build a re-usable, business function based, Services Orientated Architecture and simplify our existing estate  last year closing 193 systems, almost 1 every working
This presentation illustrates how ODI, BPEL, ESB and BAM can be used together in an enterprise-wide deployment. This presentation details how to develop a truly integrated solution that tracks real-time interface execution of all Middleware components when dealing with the challenge of facing multiple interfaces with multiple technologies. Attendees will learn how to connect BPEL to BAM and extend ESB and ODI to connect them to BAM as well.
Federal agencies face unique challenges including an aging workforce, budget constraints, and mandates for outsourcing non-mission activities. The session provide "lessons learned" from two federal agencies - U.S. Government Printing Office, Oracle's first On-Demand customer, and Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Oracle's largest and more complex federal customers. The session will address implementing using the On-Demand (EBSO) standards, across multiple sites, all in highly political environment.
Existing EBS instance at Comcast had 2400 users and additional 94000 were slated to be added by Fall-09 for I-Expense, SCM, and other initiatives. In order to eliminate the support calls for user setup and password resets, Comcast decided to implement SSO to delegate all user creation and authentication to HR system and AD domain controller respectively. This presentation describes implementation approach, high level technical overview of underlying technologies, and challenges encountered.
Come hear about some of the ’common sense“ and ’practical steps“ that can be done today to increase the value of your Oracle Applications (Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Siebel and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne) by using Oracle Future-Proof solutions and technologies today. And if and when your organization is ready to evolve to Oracle Fusion Applications (when available) then not only your IT and operational skills are ready for it, but you transition to Oracle Fusion Applications will be much smoother.
This panel is here to answer your questions about the ’Evolution Path“ of your Oracle Applications to the next-generation platform. Come hear how you too can evolve your current Oracle Applications (Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Siebel and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne) by using Oracle Future-Proof solutions and technologies today. There will be experts on this panel that can answer your questions about how to prepare for the path of the future for each of the aforementioned product lines.
This session will review the process to leverage standard Oracle report functionality and repurpose the data into high impact user desired reports.
Business Intelligence Publisher is now tightly integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite. This session would introduce end-users to fourteen easy steps for converting existing custom reports to its Business Intelligence Publisher avatar. Leverage the power of Business Intelligence Publisher to create reports with rich layout and graphics within minutes. This session would also provide information necessary to understand and support Business Intelligence Publisher reports. It is time for end-user empowerment!
Oracles SOA Suite provides the ideal platform for building a flexible and robust integration. This presentation will demonstrate how to build and test a BPEL process using JDeveloper, leveraging the E-Business Suite Adapter to integrate with Oracle HR.
A day in the life of a Planning Administrator is never dull. Managing the workflow process, creating an easy-to-understand budgeting & forecasting process, & supporting all of the planning tasks is more than a full time job. Join us as Kathy Gates of Aspect Software shares some tips, tricks, & best practices for Planning administrators. We'll discuss some underutilized features that will aid users in the budgeting & forecasting process, & address some of the basics & not-so-basics in planning administration.
Join Unitask during the conference for our LIVE Migration & Output demonstration. See first-hand how our solutions will allow you to save Time & Money by resolving your most persistent Printing & Migration challenges. Unitask's Output Director enables users to print Oracle output to any printer accessible by their Windows Desktop, including non-network printers. Unitask Migration Director quickly & efficiently promotes required changes between Oracle instances with Zero Errors.
Many companies who have purchased best of breed applications solutions over the years find themselves facing a difficult problem - should they keep each product as a separate entity, or is there a way to integrate the products, choosing the best qualities of each while taking advantage of new features and technology enhancements? The answer, of course, is what we will be discussing in this presentation. This presentation describes a technical roadmap that shows how Oracle Fusion Middleware, the E-Business Suite Release 12, and Oracle's Fusion Applications will fit together. By understanding how these three pieces work together, you can…
Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) and Oracle Tutor provide pre-built, easily customizable content. Learn how UPK pre-built application specific content can provide additional benefit beyond the UPK developer for enterprises deploying software from any of the Oracle application product lines. Learn how when blended with UPK, Tutor pre-built policy and procedure customizable content provides the higher level of documentation that answers every employees question of how do I perform my job using the applications.
Do you have a need to give controlled view only access sales order related data - to internal, as well as, external users? Oracle's Order Information Portal (OIP) provides the means to that end. It delivers summary & detail data for order header & lines
ECCU has successfully implemented Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments for electronic exchange of funds to employees and third party suppliers, with virtually no customizations or third party involvement! We will share how use of ACH payments reduces security risks and increases efficiency of payments to employees and vendors. The presentation will include issues encountered, lessons learned and a brief look at integration with Internet Expenses.
Take your UPK investment to the next level by leveraging UPK Pro to develop, manage, deploy and measure your education, documentation, and support. Learn how to establish a project learning infrastructure with UPK Pro  a comprehensive platform consisting of UPK and Knowledge Pathways. With this collaborative user and expert environment you can turn knowledge into productivity. Expand your UPK & Tutor investment to ensure on-going user competency and organizational readiness across your enterprise.
To effectively respond to increased scrutiny of business processes and safeguard sensitive information in a sustainable manner, organizations need automated solutions to identify, analyze, and continuously monitor controls that govern applications configuration, who has access to which systems, and what type of transactions are being executed. Learn how an in-depth approach to controls management can help you meet regulatory obligations, establish best practices, and streamline internal and external audits.
The pace and complexity of the high tech industry require companies to continually innovate and customize their services, deliver those services quickly and also maintain high quality. Describe an EBusiness Suite Service Implementation Experience and its challenges. The presentation will also discuss the Customer Service and Support spectrum'which for High Tech companies include not only service strategy, but also Online Customer Support, Depot Repair, Spare Parts Management, Warranty and Extended Contract Management.
Join us as we explore the keys to success when integrating Acquired Companies into your current financial systems. See how success is best achieved by streamlining the integration quickly so that the economies of scale and operational effectiveness will be reflected in the bottom line as early as possible.
Advanced Pricing is best exploited with extensions and the application provides extreme flexibility and a wide choice of the methods to implement extensions. This paper discusses the various supported methods available for extensions and suggests to avoid the 'black-box' approach by making the setup maintenance friendly. A single complicated requirement is taken as a case-study and multiple extensions solutions are compared to arrive at the best!
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