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A Case Study: We Lifted and Shifted ….. Did We Set It Down or Drop It on Its Head?

This session will review a client’s decision to move to the cloud and the following challenges: There were no E-Business Suite configuration docs but there were customization and Electronic Data Interchange integrations. Did we reinvent the wheel? There were no Oracle connectors for the Warehouse Management System, how did we connect? What were the top 3 challenges and successes in terms of data, training, execution? Did we meet our 8 month timeline or was it more like 12? Of the 8 cloud modules, which was the most challenging? Why? If we had to pick one thing to do differently next time, what would it be?

  • Author  V. Geren
  • Company  Nexinfo Solutions Inc.
  • Track  SCM Cloud
  • Product  Oracle Cloud/Fusion - Enterprise Resource Planning, Oracle Cloud/Fusion - Enterprise Performance Management