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3 Key Reasons Executives Should Stay the Course to Release 12.2.5

Numerous organizations are caught in a dilemma regarding decisions on keeping an E-Business Suite solution or implementing a cloud based solution.There are many convincing reasons for implementing a cloud-based solution however many more persuasive reasons to stay with Oracle E-Business Suite and upgrade to Release 12.2.5.Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.5 focuses on a Modern User Experience/Mobility; more forms viaTablet; Mature, Reliable, Integrated Manufacturing, Human Capital Management, Procurement, Projects/Financials suite of products; Upgrading more cost effective than a new cloud based implementation

  • Author  Ty Nelson
  • Company  Centroid Systems Inc.
  • Track  Application Strategy and Services
  • Secondary Track  Cloud Computing
  • Product  Cloud Applications (Fusion Applications), Development Tools, Engineering, Hyperion EPM, Middleware