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pd campaign 614

4D: It's Just Like Scheduling, but Everybody Understands

A funny thing happened while building a 4D schedule; people got excited. Not just schedulers| but real live people. Craft stopped skipping schedule meetings| and even requested more frequent schedule reviews. Getting accurate information to build a detailed schedule was no longer like pulling teeth| but became an energized collaborative effort. Of -All- things| management began asking more intelligent questions. What was going on? This session will show the simple process of animating a 3D model using a P6 schedule in Synchro| look at other important tools in the 4D process including P6 Visualizer’s time scale logic diagrams| and then highlight the empowering benefits of 4D to the critical resource for any project’s success—People.

  • Author  Charles Dunn
  • Company  Duke Energy
  • Track  Projects and Portfolio Management
  • Product  Primavera EPPM