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Medium to Large Organizations often need to perform thousands of Account Reconciliations during the quarterly and monthly close. Some of the key challenges include making sure all accounts are being reconciled, with many companies using a manual process or Excel to keep track of status. This can lead to errors including missing or lost reconciliations, incorrect balances on roll-forwards and changing balances after certification. During our presentation, we will introduce 10 Steps to Zen with Oracle's Account Reconciliation Manager (ARM) that can reduce these pains and make your Close more efficient and faster.
  • Author Seth Landau
  • Company MindStream Analytics
  • Track On-Prem EPM/Hyperion
  • Product BI Publisher, Application Express, Big Data Appliance
In this presentation, we will go over multiple case studies with cloud customers in different industries and their experiences of using Cloud Cost management. Cloud Cost Management provides a very high level of configurability that allows cloud customers to optimize their cost accounting processes and accelerate their period close. We will look at examples from multiple distribution businesses, manufacturing organizations and heavy warehouse operations and understand their unique cost accounting needs and how Cloud Accounting can help them implement the best practices in their industries.
  • Author Ehab Khadr
  • Company Jade Global, Inc.
  • Track SCM Cloud
  • Product Oracle Cloud/Fusion - Enterprise Performance Management
Oracle’s BI and Data Visualization Cloud offerings rolled out a few years back with limited adoption, but the 'repackaged’ Oracle Analytics is back on top. By offering core BI and DV Cloud features together with Essbase, Oracle provides a new, robust BI/reporting platform. Being able to ingest data from any source, quickly spin up an Essbase cube, and directly connect to your Cloud EPM (Planning and Budgeting, etc.) solutions, all with unique mobile features and better facilities to manage your usage, makes Oracle Analytics both intriguing and useful. This session introduces attendees to Oracle Analytics.
  • Author Patrick Callahan
  • Company Application Software Technology(AST) LLC
  • Track Big Data; BI & Analytics
  • Product Oracle Cloud/Fusion - Enterprise Resource Planning, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Oracle Database, Oracle Cloud/Fusion - Supply Chain, Hyperion Data Relationship Management, Exadata, Oracle Cloud/Fusion - Human Capital Management, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Exalogic Elastic Cloud
Oracle has rolled out Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS) bringing together financial information from multiple general ledgers and related processes. Oracle FCCS provides an end to end solution for both effectively and efficiently managing the consolidation and close process ensuring that processes are: dependable and correct, timely and transparent, streamlined and efficient and, compliant and auditable. Organizations can leverage out of box financial consolidations with pre-built financial statements dashboards accelerating close schedules and improving efficiency.
  • Author Praveen Kumar
  • Company Application Software Technology(AST) LLC
  • Track Cloud EPM/Hyperion
  • Product Hyperion Financials
King County went live recently with Oracle Planning and Budgeting cloud service (PBCS). The implementation approach was “Lift and Shift” existing PSPB application from on-premise to Cloud. It is one of a kind project to lift and shift Oracle’s out of the box PSPB into cloud PBCS. This presentation will explain various decision made for selecting cloud. The presentation will also highlight different challenges with migration. The project implemented with great accuracy and data precision. There was lot of customization in on-premise application which needed to be retained in cloud.
  • Author Sanjay Purohit
  • Company Application Software Technology(AST) LLC
  • Track Cloud EPM/Hyperion
  • Product BI Publisher, Hyperion Financials, Application Express, SOA Suite
This session will review a client’s decision to move to the cloud and the following challenges: There were no E-Business Suite configuration docs but there were customization and Electronic Data Interchange integrations. Did we reinvent the wheel? There were no Oracle connectors for the Warehouse Management System, how did we connect? What were the top 3 challenges and successes in terms of data, training, execution? Did we meet our 8 month timeline or was it more like 12? Of the 8 cloud modules, which was the most challenging? Why? If we had to pick one thing to do differently next…
  • Author V. Geren
  • Company Nexinfo Solutions Inc.
  • Track SCM Cloud
  • Product Oracle Cloud/Fusion - Enterprise Resource Planning, Oracle Cloud/Fusion - Enterprise Performance Management
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler utilized Excel spreadsheets to accommodate their annual budget needs. First, they desired to leverage statistics for revenue planning based on departmental volumes from EPIC/Medi-Tech. Secondly, they desired to leverage rapid budget entry via “speedcharts” from PeopleSoft. Next, they required a workforce planning solution to integrate labor costs into their overall budget. This session will walk through the key decisions that allows the solution continues to evolve and provide a vehicle for enhanced data analysis and financial planning.
  • Author Don Ford
  • Company Perficient
  • Track Cloud EPM/Hyperion
  • Product BI Publisher, Hyperion Financials, Application Express, SOA Suite
While most of the organizations are in midst of their journey to adopt ASC606 Revenue Standard, this case study discusses the common pitfalls and challenges customers are facing in the transition and how Deloitte's RevenuePrint approach can help manage it enabled with Revenue Management Cloud Service. It also focusses on how this adoption is an implementation beyond technology encompassing finance, process and people.
Separate the fact from fiction! There are many options EPM customers have when considering cloud. From a complete subscription-based platform to dipping your toes into a Hybrid model, many serious factors can influence your decision. This session is a complete decision guide for evaluating all cloud options. We compare the realities of Software-as-a-Service, Public Infrastructure-as-a-Service, and Private Managed Cloud vendors by looking at security, flexibility/control, data integration, and overall costs. Don't make your cloud decision without attending this session!
  • Author Eric Helmer
  • Company Rimini Street
  • Track Cloud EPM/Hyperion
  • Product Oracle Cloud/Fusion - Enterprise Resource Planning, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Oracle Database, BI Publisher, Oracle Cloud/Fusion - Supply Chain, Hyperion Financials, Application Express, Forms and Reports, Big Data Appliance, Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, Oracle Enterprise Manager, SOA Suite, User Productivity Kit
Multi Period Accounting functionality was recently introduced in Oracle ERP Cloud Release 12. This functionality gives users the ability to create entries across more than one accounting period for a single accounting event.This presentation will explain in detail how to use the Multi Period Accounting functionality to defer expenses over multiple periods. You will see real-life examples, understand the key considerations, and strategies for converting partially amortized expenses in your legacy system to the new method using Oracle Payables Cloud module.
A case study in the triumphs and challenges of moving from E-Business Suite to Cloud Human Capital Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply Chain Management.
  • Author Todd Ledet
  • Company Apps Associates
  • Track ERP Cloud
  • Product Active Data Guard, Oracle Cloud/Fusion - Enterprise Resource Planning, Essbase, BI Publisher, Oracle Cloud/Fusion - Supply Chain, Oracle Cloud/Fusion - Enterprise Performance Management, Hyperion Performance
ERP upgrades are measured in years and in millions of dollars, so, it’s understandable that many companies still haven’t moved off their old E-Business Suite and Oracle Discoverer. There are some expensive options to replace Disco (DVCS, BICS, OBIEE, Tableau, Cognos) and some free options. With Oracle Database 12.2 we now have a free dimensional metadata solution that we can utilize to replace the Disco End User Layer. And with Oracle Application Express 5.2, you get access to the same data visualization components in those expensive BI offerings. Learn how in this practical session.
  • Author Jerry Ward
  • Company Viscosity North America
  • Track E-Business Suite
  • Product Business Analytics, Engineering, Active Data Guard, Oracle Database, MDM Suite, Oracle Cloud/Fusion - Supply Chain, Linux, Hyperion Data Relationship Management, Oracle Cloud - DBaaS, Java, Hyperion Interactive Reporting, Oracle Cloud/Fusion - Human Capital Management, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Warehouse Builder
After years of growth, AAR’s on premise legacy budgeting and reporting solution began to show its age. Previously attempted band aid fixes to the solution became continually more difficult to maintain. This session will showcase how moving from on premise to the Oracle Cloud reduced calculations from 20 minutes to 15 seconds, improved visibility into the entire general ledger of 2,000 accounts to over 12,000 and delivered a single solution that reduced integration complexity.
  • Author Jayjay Gutierrez
  • Company Key Performance Ideas, Inc.
  • Track Cloud EPM/Hyperion
  • Product Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
Today’s well run finance Departments have standard ERP systems, standard reporting platforms and standardized processes. Here is a standards based approach to accelerated Cloud EPM deploymentPresenting a detailed framework and a project plan for implementing Cloud based EPM in a short timeframe. We discuss feasibility analysis, Checklists, Requirement Gathering, Design, QA/UAT, Communication, User Training and guidelines for rolling out a cloud based EPM in a short timeframe. We also bring lessons learnt and pitfalls from case studies of Cloud EPM implementations
  • Author Nitesh Argal
  • Company Caresoft Inc.
  • Track Cloud EPM/Hyperion
  • Product Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, BI Publisher, Big Data Appliance
In this session the Speaker will share various Use Cases related to Real Estate and Contract Management Analytics and how an Exception based Approach is used to resolve the Complexity around Lease and Contract Management. The Speaker will also go through Integration Architecture and Solution Approach which led to the success of this implementation apart from the common business used-case related to information management in this space including the very Sensitive topics of Confidential Contracts, Remaining Balance.
  • Author Abhinav Kumar
  • Company Vidorra Consulting Group
  • Track Big Data; BI & Analytics
  • Product Oracle Database, Discoverer, Oracle Cloud/Fusion - Human Capital Management, Oracle Enterprise Manager
Constraining development and testing is database size. It takes a lot of time, effort, storage, and network to make another copy of a production system. Your DBA and EBS admin may have some things automated, but somewhere there is a spreadsheet with manual steps, and it takes days to get a new EBS environment.Come learn why data virtualization is the solution to a problem every EBS team knows.Learn how and why data gravity and data friction prevent you from integrating, developing, and testing. Learn how data virtualization overcomes gravity and friction, helping you get EBS fixes to your customers faster.
How department hierarchies can be setup in Cloud ERP and What needs to be run to keep it in sync with the CUBE? and What happens if you miss one. This is the session that goes into the tiny details of how the 5 levels of hierarchies were setup in our implementation and how they are being reported. What kind of reporting tools does Cloud ERP have to report this data in a user friendly format? An opportunity to learn everything about hierarchy and reporting.
Account Reconciliation Cloud Service provides two tools to facilitate a streamlined and more manageable reconciliation process: Reconciliation Compliance and Transaction Matching. These cloud tools work independently, or in tandem, with Oracle-based financial systems. Both tools may be used regardless of software used for the financial close process. Users are able to leverage pre-built dashboards and easy to use tools that provide user security, integration, and reporting of the entire reconciliation process.
Let’s face it, moving to a cloud based system is daunting enough. Now, throw in the challenge of replicating the report capabilities your company had on premise, and planning to enhance your data analytics for the future. This presentation will cover defining and achieving your immediate reporting and analytical needs, as well as strategically moving forward in your data driven journey. The presenter has led multiple HR data projects, which have been delivered to business leaders as well as top executives.
  • Author Mike Urgo
  • Company Sinclair Broadcast Group
  • Track Big Data; BI & Analytics
  • Product Oracle Cloud/Fusion - Human Capital Management, Hyperion Performance, Exalogic Elastic Cloud
This session showcases Oracle R12 enabled shop floor solutions implemented at InSinkErator, an Emerson company, to put a 'Smart Factory’ in action. Technology deployed includes RFID, Robotics and Sensors driven manufacturing execution, Smart QR codes based automated inventory management, Electronic Kanban, Mobile innovation. Get an in-depth look into InSinkErator’s journey towards Industry 4.0 steered by Oracle. Learn about the secret sauce in machine process automation that can get the biggest bang for your buck.
  • Author Thomas Orlowski
  • Company Emerson Electric Co.
  • Track E-Business Suite
  • Product Active Data Guard, Oracle Cloud/Fusion - Enterprise Performance Management
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