Cost Management SIG

The Cost Management SIG was restarted in September 2007 as a Subcommittee of the Discrete Manufacturing SIG, and in late 2010, became the OAUG Cost Management SIG. Monthly webinars are held on a variety of topics, ranging from practical advice on using Oracle Cost Management, solving complex cost accounting issues, showcasing new products and collaborating to help each other do more with the Oracle Applications.

Webinar sessions are free, one hour duration and are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Join now (see Membership page) to receive information on the Webinars.


  • Promote understanding of Cost Accounting and how Oracle Cost Management can help people get their job done
  • Create an active group of people interested in helping each other with cost related issues
  • Enlist the participation for Oracle Cost Development and other Oracle Development groups to increase the understanding of Oracle Development
  • Compile a list of solutions for common costing challenges (designs, workarounds, sql, etc.).

Related items

  • OAUG Mobile Apps for Enterprises SIG Presents: Oracle Update on Mobility for EBS Customers

    Learn more about Oracle's E-Business Suite Mobile Strategy and updates on Mobile Apps and Releases as a pre-cursor to Oracle Open World 2017. This webinar will also cover updates on the Deployment of smartphone apps with EBS 12.1.3 or 12.2 and support to build your own custom Mobile Apps.

  • Tips and Tricks - Get the most out of Financial Reporting in the Oracle Cloud (FSGs Part III)


    Oracle ERP Cloud is coming and many users are moving to the cloud, that has tools to allow end users and high-end power users to capture, summarize, present and distribute information in many ways. Financial reporting takes on a new persona and has newer tools – more user friendly (accountant friendly with SmartView) and Financial Reporting Studio (FRStudio) that enables users to directly use charts, graphs, alerts in their reporting exercise that needed consultants in years past – now you can have these done in-house by the end-user.

    All that is needed is the proper understanding of the tools available, what tool is best for which job, and training. A major change is the hierarchy that has now become key in efficient usage of these tools.

    The session is presented by Oracle ERP Cloud veterans, with over 30 successful implementations between them, this presentation will focus on which tool is best for the task at hand.

    The objectives of this session would be to give the participant an overview of the tools available and how these differ from FSG’s. The focus will also be to assist in enabling the user to understand the gotcha with hierarchy taking a center stage in the new world.

  • OAUG EPM/Hyperion SIG Presents: Data Integration Options for Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service!


    Explore the data integration and automation options available for EPBCS/PBCS. Use cases and pros and cons for the methods will be discussed as well as the file format requirements, options and code examples. Use cases include ad hoc and automated/scheduled data loads, moving data from/to BSO and ASO cubes, importing/exporting text accounts and smart list values, migration and disaster recovery. Included will be Data Management, EPM Automate and FDMEE, as well as business rule data exports, export/import data, export/import metadata, Data Synch and Smart Push.

    Attendees will understand how the EPBCS/PBCS tools replace the functionality of on premise bat and maxl scripts. Example EPM Automate scripts will be reviewed. Tips and tricks will be provided as to when to use which tool and how to automate these tools with EPM Automate.

  • OAUG EPM/Hyperion SIG Presents: The PBCS REST API Demystified'

    Oracle's Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) offers a REST API, but how does it work and what can it do? This webinar for administrators and developers will give an approachable overview of how the API works, what its capabilities are, and how it can be practically used in automation and data integration scenarios.

  • OAUG Cost Management SIG Presents: ASC 606, Revenue and COGS Recognition, What Does This Mean for You?

    Have you heard about the revised Revenue Recognition requirements with ASC 606? What is it, what does this mean for your revenue and COGS accounting? And does Oracle have solutions to help you meet this new standards? Come and join two leading experts on this topic, Seamus Moran and Manasi Puranik and find out how you can address these new requirements and what steps you should be taking now.

  • TLS 1.2 Configuration for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 and 12.1

    This webinar provides details regarding the deployment requirements when configuring TLS 1.2 with Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 and 12.1. Learn about key fundamentals for encrypting inbound, outbound and loopback connections in Oracle E-Business Suite, what prerequisite and configuration are required and what optional configurations are available. Also provided is a TLS 1.2 configuration checklist that is beneficial in reviewing key configuration and prerequisite requirements. Basic knowledge of Oracle E-Business Suite architecture and security is assumed.

    We were unable to record this webinar, however here is a similiar presentation provided by Oracle.


  • FSGs Made Simple - Part I

    FSGs have been a part of E-Business Suite since Release 8 (1991). They remain one of the easiest methods for generating reports based on account balances such as P&Ls and Balance Sheets. This presentation goes back to the basics of FSGs and explains how to define row sets, column sets, content sets, and how to generate the reports using Oracle provided templates and how to enable drill-down.

  • COGS Accounting Solutions for Trade and Intercompany Sales

    Come and join us for a session on configuring cost of goods sold for trade and intercompany sales, covering typical requirements, approaches and which tools are available from Oracle (and why would you choose one approach over another one).

  • A Case Study: Solving the Mystery of Product Line Accounting Using SLA in OPM Green Field Implementation

    Come and join us for an example of setting up Subledger Accounting for an OPM implementation, highlighting some of the differences of the process industry accounting requirements. Virbahu Jain, our own Cost SIG Co-Officer, will present this insightful example.

  • It's Finally Here! Oracle Cloud In-Memory Cost Management Solutions!

    Now you can use the power of Oracle's Engineered Costing Solutions without the upfront cost of on-premise hardware, Database and technology upgrade. Oracle is now launching In-Memory Cost Management Cloud Service as a subscription offering. Just imagine the speed and better analysis tools available with Cloud In-Memory Cost Solutions. Ashish Pathak from Oracle Development will be presenting on this latest offering to the OAUG Cost Management Group.

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