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OAUG Connection Point - AppsTech Online 2014 (17)

This presentation allows you to identify trending problems in your system regarding Oracle Workflow. This includes learning what tools are readily available at your fingertips to help get a handle on this large “black box” of data where data lives on forever without your intervention. I will be presenting an example of how to utilize these tools with a walkthrough of what having more than 10 years of this data in a system looks like, including the steps we had to take in order to start purging the information.
Follow a technical walk through of a successful upgrade from and 11gR1 (on AIX 5L) to 12.2.3 and 11gR2 (on Linux x86-64). Topics include options for platform migration, strategies for managing and streamlining the upgrade process, reducing downtime required for the upgrade, number of iterations, and a discussion of issues that arose during the upgrade.
As part of enhancing E-Business Suite security to the next level, this session will provide a demonstration on the way integration of E-Business R12.1.3 works with Oracle Access Manager 11g, Oracle Internet Directory 11g, Microsoft Active Directory 2008 and Windows Native Authentication. It will provide a roadmap for customers who are upgrading SSO 10g to OAM 11g and OID 10g to OID 11g. We will get to see, in greater detail, how Weblogic Middleware hosts the various Fusion Middleware products.
This session will present an in-depth review of the Newedge Storage Reduction Initiative Project that reduced our Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1.2 storage by 15 terabytes. The presentation will examine the 1) application and reporting architecture and tools 2) the custom process developed to archive and purge over 13 billion records from the Financial Accounting Hub 3) reorganization of database residing on Exadata. We will also review our global business data archive requirements, designs, and deployment plan.
Are you getting the cooperation you need from your business users? Do you have real-time visibility into your key users’ test activities? Do you have all the test evidence needed to pass an audit? In this presentation, we will demonstrate how you can reduce 70% of the time it takes to create and execute an EBS test plan, make it easy for your entire testing team (IT and Business) to manage and track all their testing activities and improve the collaboration between IT and key users.
Oracle’s Fusion Applications completely redefines the technology stack used to power your enterprise business applications. This presentation will outline, in detail, the technological differences between e-Business Suite R11/R12 and Fusion Applications, the benefits realized by this new technology stack and the skills needed by your organization to effectively implement and exploit these new technologies for your competitive advantage.
As part of a divestiture from parent company Alcoa, Closure Systems International cloned the 4TB Alcoa environment and selectively removed over 5 Billion records containing Alcoa data. 29000 table validations, 7000 custom scripts, 9 test iterations, and many sleepless nights later, they had a fully operating instance. The leaders of this project will walk you through how they convinced Alcoa (and Oracle) that this was a good idea, and how they executed the project with zero lost or corrupted records.
This Oracle development session details how online patching works, with special attention to what’s happening at a database object level when patches are applied to an Oracle E-Business Suite environment that’s still running. Come learn about the operational and system management implications for minimizing maintenance downtimes when applying E-Business Suite patches with this new technology and the related impact on customizations you might have built on top of Oracle E-Business Suite.
This Oracle development session is ideal for organizations thinking about upgrading to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1. It covers the fundamentals of upgrading to Release 12.1, including the technology stack components and supported upgrade paths. Hear from Oracle Development about the set of best practices for patching in general and executing the Release 12.1 technical upgrade, with special considerations for minimizing your downtime. Also get to know about relatively recent upgrade resources.
Empowering Oracle E-Business Suite with advanced analytical capabilities has never been easy. Oracle Endeca is the new addition to the Oracle Business Intelligence family. Learn more about Endeca and how it integrates with Oracle E-Business Suite from an Applications DBA perspective. The session offers important technical and practical guidance, including how to deploy and maintain Oracle E-Business Suite Extensions for Endeca.
Learn how you can tune your informatics jobs via an actual client case study. Learn Tips and Tricks on how we brought 84 hours full load to under 24 hours.
Need a file version? What objects that last patch touched so you can plan testing? When that report or form was last patched? Did that patch wipeout my customization? Attend this presentation and learn how to answer these questions without bothering your DBA. And yes, Patch Wizard still can analyze Oracle recommended patches, download and merge them. Learn the improvements made in R12.1.3/R12.2.3 and where you still need to be careful.
With 12.2 OnLine Patching and EBR the world of the EBS Developer has grown far more complicated. This presentation will introduce some of the concepts that must be followed for 12.2 custom development. EBR (Edition Based Redefinition) will be described in detail. I will go through some of the standards that must be followed for custom development to work properly in an OnLine Patched Environment. I will also cover areas not yet covered even by the ATG group, like how to handle custom APEX Development.
This is the third version of this popular personalization presentation with ten new examples. As part of your R12 upgrade, use Form and OAF Personalizations to replace many of your customizations. Also, use personalizations to streamline your business processes through improved control of validations, defaults, terminology and other requirements. These are the newest examples highlighting the newest R12 features.
Release 12.2 is out. Should you consider upgrading to 12.2 or 12.1.3? Ease your worries by attending this session, an overview of the upgrade from Release to Release 12.2.3. I’ll describe the tried and true tips and techniques — everything from “oops…did you know about these extra patches?” to ways to decrease your down time. We’ll discuss the upgrade from 12.1.X to 12.2.3 as well.
Weblogic Server is the top application server for conventional systems, engineered systems and cloud environments. It is the foundation for Oracle Middleware Technologies and the future for Oracle Fusion Applications. The session showcases the latest features for Weblogic 12c and provides some best practices and key performances tuning tips which are a must know for all middleware consultants. It also focuses on how to utilize some common utility tools like Web Socket and ADRCI.
This presentation provides the top ten fundamental administrative details/techniques that every Middleware consultant (developer, architects and administrators) must know. Implementation of these would simplify the middleware technology implementation, administration and support activities. This session would cover the details around a)Directories and Domains b) Node Manager c) Notification using Diagnostic Framework d)Managing Server Logs e)Cache Management. etc.