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For more than 100 years Buzzi Unicem has delivered cement aggregates and other raw materials to customers around the globe. In this interactive session, Buzzi will share their successful model for streamlining accounts payable with document and payment automation solutions integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite, including AP invoice capture, workflow and storage, as well as their experience with the industry's largest online payment network.
Creating, calculating and communicating you sales plans is the first part of the process for a successful sales program. Come to this session to learn how companies can better understand the impact of the plans & better communicate those plans to their sale people. Using Oracle Incentive Compensation (OIC) and Analytics you too can benefit from a deeper understanding of pay for performance.
We are presenting business use cases and will analyze how sub-ledger accounting can help in resolving them. Examples are: - Cost of Sales for trade sales derived from item, for intercompany sales from intercompany partner. - Separate PPV and IPV by item classification or supplier type - Deferred revenue account for service versus product deferrals - Freight cost on expense items follows distribution, on inventory items uses single account. Participants can suggest additional business scenarios.
***ENCORE REQUESTED BY SIG CHAIR*** Comcast had 2400 users and additional 94000 were slated to be added by Fall-09 for I-Expense, SCM, and other initiatives. In order to eliminate the support calls for user setup and password resets, Comcast decided to implement SSO to delegate all user creation and authentication to HR system and AD domain controller respectively. This presentation describes implementation approach, high level technical overview of underlying technologies, and challenges encountered.
Come to this session to hear about some of the "common sense" and "practical" steps that can be taken today to increase the value of your Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Siebel, and JDE). Come hear how you can energize your Applications Unlimited by leveraging future-proof solutions and technologies today and how you can build your IT and operational skills for the future. Each step you take in adopting Oracle Fusion technology today gets you partway to the future.
Considering an 11g upgrade for your R11i or R12 environment? Please join this session to receive guidelines for upgrading to 11g for your Oracle EBS environment. In addition to upgrade tips, top new features for 11g will also be discussed along with changes in 11g that every Oracle Applications DBA needs to know for a successful deployment.
This presentation describes the 12.1.1 architecture and show different ways of installing E-Business Suite. It also details best practices to Clone EBS environments including Rapid Clone, Application Management Pack Cloning, High Availability and cloning using Virtualized environments
The case study follows a 650+ user Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Sales Analytics implementation at a Fortune 15 company in the healthcare industry from initial rollout through the evolution of several successful releases over 3 years. The system provides visibility to a multi-billion dollar sales funnel and precisely targets limited resources where most needed. The study will cover experiences, lessons learned, best practices, and will detail some specific technical solutions applied to problems.
Client's PDM department wanted to deduce the most optimum date of obsoleting a BOM component for replacing it with a new one, ensuring that the entire existing supply of old item is used up and no dead inventory is created. ECO Use-Up flow was implemented to achieve this by establishing a link between Oracle Engineering and ASCP. This paper outlines the details of this end-to-end process. It also covers how various changes to supply-demand picture are translated to the Use-Up date and it is adjusted accordingly.
Many companies who have purchased best of breed applications solutions find themselves facing a difficult problem - should they keep each product as a separate entity, or is there a way to integrate the products, choosing the best qualities of each while taking advantage of new features and technology enhancements? The answer is what we will discuss in this presentation, a technical roadmap showing how Oracle Fusion Middleware, EBS R12, and Oracle's Fusion Applications will fit together.
Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center works with your existing shop floor systems and back-office ERP, including Oracle E-Business Suite 11i, to deliver value in just weeks instead of years. It is specifically designed to accelerate your Lean and Six Sigma programs and architected for long-term growth and flexibility. Based on the ISA-95 reference model, it delivers adapters to collect shop floor equipment data, contextualization, and prebuilt plant performance dashboards and reports"”all working together to provid
Unmanaged data growth in business-critical Oracle database application environments presents significant problems in terms of deteriorated performance and out of control infrastructure and operating costs. This session presents strategies for addressing these problems, meeting compliance requirements, and dealing with legacy systems. Case studies and best practices will discuss how organizations can achieve these results by deciding to stop retaining their information forever using archiving and eventual deletion.
This presentation tells about advanced features of iRecruitment that are not found in third part recruiting solutions like Toledo, brassing etc and features that mostly missed in typical implementation. Functionality and required setups are discussed in this presentation
Data Governance and Master Data Management are critical as companies struggled with Enterprise Reporting and Performance Management challenges that includes varying business rules and definitions measured by different groups. Here, you will learn how to implement a world-class Data Governance and Financial Master Data Management program using Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management. The end result will be key interest to your finance users, IT, SOX and your CFO.
Learn how to take advantage of the latest version of Oracle Fusion Middleware with Oracle E-Business Suite. Learn how to utilize identity management systems and LDAP directories. In addition, come to this session for answers about advanced network deployments involving reverse proxy servers, load balancers, and DMZ's, and to see how you can take benefit from virtualization and new system management capabilities.
Qualcomm will share how it implemented CPG's iLink PLM-EBS adapter to drastically enhance the mission-critical integration flow between Agile PLM Enterprise Application and the Oracle EBS Suite. The iLink adapter quickly and significantly improved data reliability, performance and automation - radically reducing synchronization errors and manual user intervention. Qualcomm will present the Agile PLM-EBS integration challenges it faced and how they were solved using iLink.
Projects security is rich and flexible. Learn the key concepts of Project security within Oracle EBS Projects and understand how to configure, test and deploy security across Professional forms and HTML Projects based applications.
In current economic trend with customer demands variability, global geographic outreach, Just In Time Lean Manufacturing, and supply uncertainty, collaborating with suppliers is a daunting task. In addition, the ongoing trend to outsource nonstrategic activities to suppliers has led to higher dependency upon closed and i-enabled partnership with suppliers. This paper talks about a success story of TTI Floor Care and walks through a step-by-step details analysis of how key procure-to-pay information can be shared
Learn more about Application Integration, Oracle's latest approach to sharing information between different applications. In this session we will drill-down into Application Integration Architecture where you will learn about the key components of AIA, latest release features, available Process Integration Packs and the benefits your organization will gain by using AIA.
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