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OAUG Connection Point - EPM/BI Seattle 2011 (33)

Best Practices for Implementing Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)
In 2009 the City of Las Vegas embarked on a pilot business intelligence project using Oracle's OBI EE+ tool. Since then there have been some extraordinary successes as BI has been rolled out to nearly every department in the City. Dashboards of gauges, pie charts, and ribbons of data are now prevalent on managers' PCs throughout the City. This presentation will share the City of Las Vegas' journey of implementing business intelligence to track the key performance measures throughout the organization. Best practices used during the implementation and for supporting the product will be shared. This is one time that…
In today's uncertain economic environment companies need a strategic planning solution that goes beyond status quo systems. By implementing Oracle's Hyperion Strategic Finance as the platform for modeling alternative financing strategies, mergers & acquisitions, divestiture opportunities, and other treasury considerations, companies can actively add value to their operations by maximizing their strategy with insightful business decisions.
Being able to react to the constantly changing business environment is a critical component of success for today's companies. Attempting to predict outcomes 12-18 months in advance and setting a target based on that prediction can often limit the ability of a company to achieve its potential. The ability to create a forecast based on the drivers of the business that looks beyond the wall of year end, and enables management to be reactive, is crucial to profitability and business success. In this session you will begin to understand the difference between a target and a forecast, the primary types…
Attend this session to find out how Oracle Essbase Analytics Link for Hyperion Financial Management enables the delivery of management and financial analytics reporting to a broad user community. This presentation shows how it integrates and merges multiple data sources into a single data model, providing detailed information for advanced analytics. With the data merged into Oracle Essbase, reporting users can use the well-known Oracle EPM reporting tools (Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office and Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting) and can tailor the dimensionality to meet their specific reporting requirements.
As a leader in decision management, FICO's mission is to transform business by making every decision count. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn., with locations around the world including San Diego and San Rafael, the company uses predictive analytics to help businesses automate, improve and connect decisions across organizational silos and customer lifecycles. In fiscal year 2010, revenues were $605 million.Just as FICO helps customers make better decisions, the company continually seeks improvements in its own internal processes. As part of a company wide effort to streamline various aspects of its business, FICO identified financial reporting from its Oracle E-Business system as…
Two key parts to the solid foundation of an agile EPM system are data integration and data quality. Based on the nature of those two, IT and business always have to work things out together. The dependencies between source and target system are often multi-faceted and require complex data integration processes, "approving the numbers" requires strong business acumen, especially when exceptions occur. Oracle presents two solutions: Financial Data Quality Management (FDM) is branded for Business people, Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) is in the IT domain - both are great tools. If you want to take your process to the next…
Geospatial Visualization in Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, 11g
This introductory session will take you through the Oracle Hyperion Suite of products and share what to use, where to start, and help roadmap an overall EPM Strategy.
HCA has been a user of Oracle DRM since 2003. This presentation will show how HCA implemented DRM for use in its legacy consolidation system, and then expanded its use to Essbase and the building of additional financial structures and dimensions. The presentation will show how DRM can ¢‚¬Å“interpret¢‚¬ a single entry into multiple outputs in each application's format or structure. In addition, the presentation will show how HCA has used DRM to allow alternate views of the same structural information for utilization during reorganizations. In addition, Linium will begin the presentation with an overview of the DRM application, master…
What does it take to implement Hyperion/BI quickly, comprehensively, and with immediate results? Using a case study approach, Jibe will take you through recent a Hyperion project to present implementation best practices, demonstrate the project's immediate analytical utility and reporting results, and show how in some cases how these projects can facilitate process improvement.‚ Also, see a demo of Workspace, Planning, Financial Reports, Web Analysis and Smart View all in one session.
Companies today are trying to best figure out how to manage their Workflow during the monthly close process while meeting the requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley. HFM's Process Management and Submission Phase modules provide both flexibility in the timing of data input and structure in the approval process throughout the organization. The objectives of this session are to break down any barriers to the setup and show how this can work best for your organization.
Hyperion Planning has been given a complete overhaul in 11.1.2. Come see some of the great new features of 11.1.2, like the updated approval process, color coded validation rules on web forms and the ability to save ad hoc web forms with Hyperion Planning. This presentation will include an interactive demonstration.
This HPCM presentation is specifically for business users who are responsible for profitability management and reporting within their organization. It is especially geared toward those who are looking to maximize their organization's investment in Oracle EPM and are considering the HPCM application.
Oracle has developed the Oracle‚ Unified Method (OUM) to support the entire enterprise IT lifecycle, including support for implementing all of Oracle's products. OUM infuses industry standards with the deep field implementation experience represented in Oracle's legacy and acquired methods. This session will provide an overview of OUM and an in-depth discussion of the supplemental guidance that OUM includes that supports EPM/BI implementation projects. Tom will also discuss two projects where OUM was used to successfully implement solutions based on OBIEE and OBIA for Supply Chain and Financial Analytics.
See how Oracle Hyperion ERPi enables your finance team to leap forward in creating a world-class budgeting and forecasting application. Experience the automatic "bread crumb" trail that enables instant drill-through from actual versus budget variance analysis to the E-Business or PeopleSoft general ledger detail. Understand how your organization can enable agile, aligned, and smart planning process with Oracle Hyperion Planning.
The session will provide an introduction to Oracle's two newest Hyperion Products. Financial Close Management which helps to organize and shorten your closing process and Financial Disclosure which helps to automate and streamline your XBRL reporting.
The presentation is broken into three main components. In the first component, learn‚ what the HPCM product is and key benefits gained from implementing an allocation solution with HPCM. In the second part of the presentation, gain insight into key HPCM concepts and receive a brief review of the HPCM interface. Finally, discover best practices learned from prior HPCM implementations.
As a result of corporate breadth, mergers or acquisitions, enterprises may have disparate brands of reporting tools such as SAP BusinessObjects, Cognos and Microsoft Excel installed on user's desktops. While there may be a corporate standard in place, users who are trained in other BI client applications still prefer to use those. Why throw away all the training that has been invested in them? Learn how a simple, cost-effective, client-side driver allows your organization to use the BI reporting tools that are already purchased and in place, directly against your Oracle Database OLAP Option, ensuring a single source of the…
Optimizing your Supply Chain using Supplier Lifecylce Management and Supplier Data Hub in R12.1
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