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Learn how organizations are streamlining their governance processes using Data Relationship Management. Session includes client examples, best practices, and a live Data Relationship Governance demo.
  • Secondary Track Application Integration
  • Product Hyperion EPM
We know autoconfig is one point stop for all configuration changes in Oracle E-Business Suite till release 12.1. But there is revolutionary change in 12.2 with FMW(WebLogic) & Online patching coming into play. This topic will provide complete insight of about various configuration setups handled constructively by WebLogic, autoconfig and also conversation between Weblogic & Autoconfig during configurational changes. Additionally, this will discuss on how WebLogic configurations in 12.2 is different with traditional WebLogic setup.
We know autoconfig is one point stop for all configuration changes in Oracle E-Business Suite till release 12.1. But there is revolutionary change in 12.2 with FMW(WebLogic) & Online patching coming into play. This topic will provide complete insight of about various configuration setups handled constructively by WebLogic, autoconfig and also conversation between Weblogic & Autoconfig during configurational changes. Additionally, this will discuss on how WebLogic configurations in 12.2 is different with traditional WebLogic setup.
The purpose of this lecture is to demonstrate how to configure an Active Data Guard instance from an existing Oracle Database 11gR2 running eBusiness Suite 12.1.3. I plan to demonstrate how to prepare the Primary Database for Standby Database Creation, create the Standby Database, configure the Middle Tier Applications after the Standby Database is enabled and finally demonstrate a Role Transition by switching over to the Standby Database from the Primary Database.
Companies worldwide are actively using , both in intranet & extranet environments. While WS offer many advantages over traditional alternatives, deploying networks of interconnected WS still presents key challenges, especially for security & management. Main associated challenges are related to detection & prevention of XSS Injection & SQL Injection. Oracle API Gateway (OAG) is part of the Oracle SOA security solution it provides API security & management features such as API Key Management, OAUTH with addition of securing REST services & JSON support to help customers extend the value to enable Cloud and Mobile use cases.
Numerous organizations are caught in a dilemma regarding decisions on keeping an E-Business Suite solution or implementing a cloud based solution.There are many convincing reasons for implementing a cloud-based solution however many more persuasive reasons to stay with Oracle E-Business Suite and upgrade to Release 12.2.5.Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.5 focuses on a Modern User Experience/Mobility; more forms viaTablet; Mature, Reliable, Integrated Manufacturing, Human Capital Management, Procurement, Projects/Financials suite of products; Upgrading more cost effective than a new cloud based implementation
  • Author Ty Nelson
  • Company Centroid Systems Inc.
  • Track Application Strategy and Services
  • Secondary Track Cloud Computing
  • Product Cloud Applications (Fusion Applications), Development Tools, Engineering, Hyperion EPM, Middleware
A funny thing happened while building a 4D schedule; people got excited. Not just schedulers| but real live people. Craft stopped skipping schedule meetings| and even requested more frequent schedule reviews. Getting accurate information to build a detailed schedule was no longer like pulling teeth| but became an energized collaborative effort. Of -All- things| management began asking more intelligent questions. What was going on? This session will show the simple process of animating a 3D model using a P6 schedule in Synchro| look at other important tools in the 4D process including P6 Visualizer’s time scale logic diagrams| and then…
This paper elucidates the best methods and practices used in the i-supplier and i-sourcing modules of Oracle that GE Oil and Gas Subsea business used. The 5 pronged approach to achieve this success are: Item and Drawings revision changes collaboration with Engineering, Buyers and Suppliers with Zero loss of data Real time maintenance of Global Rejection Records by Suppliers Supplier documentation platform for Authorization to Ship based on approval from Quality Inspectors Supplier User IDs and contacts with exact mapping of intended recipients RFIs/RFQs/Quotations/Purchase Orders with MRP Planning
Not all cloud providers are created alike. In this session we will examine 6 key talking points for you to use when selecting a secure ERP cloud provider. By having these conversations in the selection process, you will be armed with the right questions to ask BEFORE choosing a secure cloud provider.
  • Author Lisa Schwartz
  • Company Oracle Corporation
  • Track Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Secondary Track Financials
  • Product Cloud Applications (Fusion Applications)
Oracle’s Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) rolled out early last year and has truly changed the deployment options for Hyperion Planning for many customers. Directed to the new Oracle Hyperion Planning customer, PBCS is an obvious option with simpler data integration options, yet nearly the same robust functionality of core Hyperion Planning. Sure, there are minor differences and some limitations, but d it’s worth a look. This presentation will explain the Oracle PBCS solution, highlight the features, provide helpful 'tips and tricks’ for implementing, and offer real-world use cases.
County of Loudoun is using Hyperion Public Sector Planning and Budgeting since 2012. The County decided to upgrade the existing application from version to to leverage new features and functionalities, performance improvement and improved integration between Hyperion Planning and Oracle E-business suite leveraging FDMEE. This presentation will discuss upgrade approach, issues encountered, and lessons learned from the upgrade process.
The City of Burbank budgeting and forecasting process was manual and time intensive involving multitudes of spreadsheets scattered across departments, each with own sets of assumptions and versions of facts. The reliance on spreadsheets and disjointed planning and forecasting process was getting difficult to manage as the City grew over time. This method wasn’t just inadequate but presented great risk to organization’s financial management. This case study will demonstrate how the City transformed its business processes and fund forecasting leveraging the Hyperion solution.
Equinix uses Oracle Credit Management to monitor and evaluate the creditworthiness of customers and make informed credit decisions. This presentation is a case study of the implementation of Oracle Credit Management across 20 countries worldwide at Equinix. Integration of Oracle Credit Management and Experian is not part of an out-of-box solution. The solution implemented at Equinix has been designed to provide a dual choice to credit analysts to select Experian or Dun & Bradstreet to check customer credit scores.
  • Author Mohan Dutt
  • Company Equinix
  • Track Financials
  • Secondary Track Engineered Systems
  • Product E-Business Suite On Premises
Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service enables all users to tap into the most pertinent data, whenever and wherever they need it. With Business Intelligence Cloud Service, robust analysis is accessible to everyone across the enterprise. This session will highlight new functionality that make a hybrid solution possible, including mash up ability, Service Data Sync, importing metadata from on premise systems, and the ability to consume data from Oracle's Data Base As A Service. The session will demonstrate the existing visualizations and advanced calculations that are available in a fast, friendly User Interface.
Come to this presentation to hear about the journey a small company using only Oracle Discoverer and concurrent requests has been taking for several years to evaluate what their best option would be. Things we considered along the way: Should we use an OOTB solution? How much additional work will it take to implement this? What about all the other vendors and options that are available? If you have you considered moving to Oracle BI Cloud Services (BICS) this session will help high light the above considerations and why we chose this. In addition, it will cover the successes and…
  • Author Joan Stevens
  • Company United States Distilled Products
  • Track Business Intelligence
  • Secondary Track Cloud Computing
Public Sector entities are on the cusp of transitioning from traditional on-premise ERP systems to cloud-based solutions. We will share the story of Oracle’s first public sector migration from EBS to Cloud ERP. The customer has successfully performed User Adaptability Test (new UAT) with advanced processes, robust reporting and social networking capabilities. Hear their inspirational story and learn how your organization can experience this transformation.
  • Author Raju Jampana
  • Company Application Software Technology (AST) Corporation
  • Track Cloud Computing
  • Product Cloud Applications (Fusion Applications)
In this session NTE will discuss a small change that the business wanted to implement in General Ledger that ended up impacting eAM, Purchasing, Inventory, Payables, Projects, and Fixed Assets. Learn how to best manage change that impacts multiple applications. NTE finished this project on time and under budget.
  • Author Brian Bouchard
  • Company Northern Tier Energy
  • Track Financials
  • Secondary Track Financials
  • Product E-Business Suite On Premises
Analysis of government data can provide measurable impact in efficiency and importantly give immeasurable insights on how to predict the future. Governments can predict rise/fall in criminal incidents, provide immense intelligence in judicial processing, predict trends in licenses, permits, and gauge impact of new policies through indirect social media data mining, answer complex questions from internal and external stakeholders. This session will provide a structured solution using Oracle’s suite of applications that can solve government’s big data problems in an efficient manner.
  • Author Raghav Venkat
  • Company City of Las Vegas
  • Track Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse/Reporting
  • Secondary Track Business Intelligence
  • Product Business Analytics, Database, Engineering, Middleware
The world of IT that all of us live in is in constant change. Your ability to get ahead of and adapt to this change from the human side, by building a culture that not only supports change but thrives in it will ultimately determine your success as an organization. Learn the true real-world methods of building this culture within your Oracle E-Business Suite organization from someone who has been doing it successfully in the Oracle E-Business Suite environment for nearly 20 years.
Application Express (APEX) is a rapid application development tool that can be used to easily extend E-Business Suite functionality. APEX’s ease of use and short learning curve make it an ideal development tool for DBAs and functional users. This session details the creation of an APEX application to add the ability to automate the request and approval for assigning responsibilities within the E-Business Suite. The application is integrated with the E-Business Suite security model.
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