Your Personal Brand

​You don't have to be a famous entertainer, politician or business leader to have a personal brand. No matter your sphere of influence, the ability to cultivate and convey the unique skills, knowledge and attributes you possess can greatly enhance the impact and results you achieve in your universe.

A quick Google search produces hundreds of definitions and resources related to personal branding. In fact, I recently ran across a blog article by Marc Ensign on that made me think of the OAUG and its members. Although written from a marketer's perspective, the relevance for OAUG members made sense. The article stressed the value of building a brand from a place of authenticity – authenticity nurtured by seeking knowledge, interacting and learning from others, and by sharing what you know back to your network. Doesn't that define the OAUG and its mission?

As you continue working on your personal brand, I encourage you to tap into OAUG resources. More than 500 new slide decks and white papers from COLLABORATE 17 were recently added to the Conference Paper Database. The Geographic (Geo) and Special Interest Group (SIG) community continues to evolve and grow, offering hundreds of regional or virtual opportunities to connect with other Oracle Applications users each year. Consider sharing your implementation story or lessons learned by writing a short article or OAUG Blog post. (Watch for the COLLABORATE 18 call for presentations, which will be announced later this summer.)

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or suggestions about how the OAUG might help you build your personal brand.

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Saturday, 21 July 2018