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The OAUG Welcomes Executive Director Al Garver

AlGarver 450x564 150dpiIn September, Al Garver joined the OAUG as executive director (read the press release). Since that time, Al has worked with the board of directors and executive committee, numerous volunteers and committee leaders, OAUG staff and Oracle employees to understand the OAUG vision and mission and identify areas of strength and future direction.

In a recent conversation with Al, he shared some insights:


  •  “Although I’ve only been here about three months, what stands out for me is the enthusiasm of OAUG members who lend their time and talents to support this organization. If you counted up all their volunteer hours and assigned a dollar value based on their corporate knowledge, it would be an impressive amount.”
  •  “The staff is equally impressive for their dedication to the mission and vision of OAUG. With eight full-time people—and nearly 20 others at Meeting Expectations! that lend a portion of their time and talents to OAUG—the staff keeps an amazing amount of information flowing to members.
  •  “The OAUG’s relationship with Oracle is impressive and getting stronger by the month. This partnership cultivates an ongoing dialogue that deliberately seeks solutions to challenges that arise. The Customer Support Council is just one visible example of our ongoing partnership with Oracle.”
  •  “With the fast-paced nature of technology innovation and evolution, the OAUG has a strong foundation to generate new programs and services to help members get the most from their Oracle investments.”
  •  “I look forward to continuing to learn, and I welcome your observations and feedback.

It has been a pleasure working with Al over the past few months. His extensive experience and infectious energy position him for great success in supporting the OAUG and its members.

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Saturday, 19 August 2017