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ROI, and Then Some. It’s Personal.

When I first ran for the OAUG Board of Directors, I was enthusiastic about this group's mission and felt that it was time for me to give back. Like so many other professionals using Oracle Applications, I had sharpened my knowledge, honed my skills and deepened my network by participating in OAUG activities and programs. Yes, it was time to give back.

Since taking my seat on the board in January 2011, I've worked with my fellow board members to develop and execute strategy to sustain and further the OAUG mission. Yes, I've invested personal time and energy. But for every hour I've volunteered on behalf of the OAUG, the payoff in professional growth and personal satisfaction is probably tenfold. I was giving back to this organization as it was continuing to give back to me.

Consider investing in your users group – and in yourself – by becoming a candidate for the 2019 OAUG Board of Directors. Candidate submissions are being accepted through September 12, 2018.

Christine Hipp, OAUG President
Twitter: @Chipp123Hipp

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Saturday, 23 February 2019