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Oracle Reaffirms Commitment to EBS Customers

Over the past year, the OAUG has kept you up to date on Oracles' announcements about product support and release timelines for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) customers.

Yesterday, Oracle informed us of additional changes to the EBS – Premier Support policies. The communication from Oracle summarized these key points:

  • Oracle reaffirms its commitment to provide Oracle Premier Support for the future EBS 12.X release through at least 2030.
  • Oracle commits to review and update annually, beginning in 2019, to extend Oracle Premier Support by one year, giving EBS 12.X customers a rolling window of at least 10 years of Oracle Premier Support.
  • Oracle announces that the future EBS 12.X release will be a "continuous innovation" release, allowing 12.X customers to uptake latest applications and technology innovations without undergoing a major release upgrade.

For our users community, it's important and comforting to know that the Oracle products we rely on to run our businesses will be updated, enhanced and supported well into the future. We value Oracle's continuing investments on behalf of its EBS on-premises customer base and appreciate the partnership with Oracle that allows us to bring you timely updates.

The OAUG will continue to bring you updates, news, education and networking opportunities through the strength of the Oracle Applications users community. OAUG membership can help you stay connected and up to date.

Christine Hipp, OAUG President
Twitter: @Chipp123Hipp

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Thursday, 24 January 2019