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HCM Cloud: Considerations and Insights

During the planning of OAUG Cloud Week 2018, I had the opportunity to connect with many customers and experts who are sharing their stories as part of the educational webinar series, July 9-13. In this Q&A, one of our presenters, Dawn Holmes, shared insights related to Oracle HCM Cloud.

Join the OAUG for Cloud Week, July 9-13, 2018. This week of eLearning explores the cloud lifecycle – The Selection, The Journey, The Value – presented by actual cloud customers.

Lewis: How long have you been working with HCM Cloud? 

Dawn: I started on Release 9 in February of 2015. Many years in the EBS space helped make the transition to HCM Cloud easier.

Lewis: What is driving customers to move from their on-premises applications to HCM Cloud?

Dawn: Outdated and sometimes inefficient systems that no longer meet current business needs. Specifically, Oracle's modern SaaS model helps clients keep up on technology with limited in-house technical resources, allowing staff to focus on other value-add items. This model especially appeals to clients, as they can subscribe to only the software areas they need to effectively run their businesses.

Another driving factor is clients have on-premises customizations that could be outdated and need to be reevaluated to meet current business needs. Maintenance of customizations takes time, resources and, ultimately, money. Streamlining and moving to HCM Cloud moves clients into modern computing.

Lewis: What functionality do you think HCM Cloud has that is better than HCM on premises or other solutions you have worked with?

Dawn: HCM Cloud is more end-user friendly. As clients move to 18B, it will be mobile responsive, which will provide clients a convenient way to access their work and conduct business while on the go. Business is no longer conducted solely in a brick and mortar building. People are on the move and 18B helps clients keep up with their business and job responsibilities.

Another big plus, from an implementer standpoint, is the ease of implementation. Configuration and getting data into the system is streamlined in HCM Cloud. There are guided configuration templates and in-system tools, such as HDL, that help stand up the system in a relatively small amount of time

Lewis: Are customers enjoying their HCM Cloud usage?

I think clients are happy they have moved to HCM Cloud. Usually, more pillars of the application are desired, which means moving away from subsystems. Clients understand that putting more functions in a single platform will eventually mean streamlined processes, procedures and ultimately less cost.

Lewis: Which factors contribute most to a successful implementation of HCM Cloud?

When the "boots on the ground" employee is fully engaged and committed to the move, the success of the implementation skyrockets. Often, the employee that is tasked with working with an implementation partner is also struggling with keeping up with their "real job" and tasks. When these employees are allowed to minimize work load to focus on the implementation, there is nothing stopping the success of the implementation.

Dawn Holmes is an HCM Cloud consultant and has worked with Oracle Applications since 1999. Her experiences include implementation and support of the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) from versions 10.7 through R12, and she is currently working in the HCM Cloud space. Dawn presents "BBA Aviation's Second Wave Journey to the Cloud" on July 13 during OAUG Cloud Week.

Lewis Hopkins has been working in the field of governance, risk and compliance for the last 11 years, providing solutions and guidance to over 200 Organizations. He is a board member of the Governance, Risk and Compliance User Group and speaks regularly at industry events. Lewis Hopkins is trained in data security, segregation of duties, GRC, and Oracle Applications across Financials and HR.

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