Overcoming Fear and Resistance to Embracing a Cloud Solution

Before documenting requirements, cultivating executive sponsorship and getting to the nuts and bolts of a recent Oracle Sales Cloud solution, we had to overcome some initial concerns and misconceptions.

Three things were top of mind: 

  1. A previous bad experience with a cloud product. 
  2. Mandatory, twice-a-year upgrades. 
  3. Security of our data. 

How did we resolve concerns to be able to move forward on a cloud implementation with confidence?

  1. The team at Worthington Industries was left with a bad taste of a previous cloud solution that we eventually had to abandon because of stability issues. We got over our concerns by talking to various other companies similar to us in size and complexity about their experiences using Oracle Sales Cloud. 
  2. Mandatory, twice-a-year upgrades. We are always concerned about upgrades because they are difficult and take time. We learned from our research and discussions with other Oracle Sales Cloud users that the mandatory upgrades are non-invasive. 
  3. Security of our data. Like all data-driven businesses, we are especially concerned about any threat to that critical resource. Understanding role-based security helped us to understand how to control and protect company data with the Oracle Sales Cloud solution.

Oracle Sales Cloud is deployed as part of an initiative to centralize information, track data and support the sales process at Worthington Industries. 

Find out how the team moved through the phases of the project, addressed challenges and achieved results in "Managing the Sales Funnel with Oracle Sales Cloud" in the summer 2017 OAUG Insight magazine. (Use your member login to access the article.) Or, request a print copy and we'll send one to your mailing address.

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Saturday, 21 July 2018