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Proactive Troubleshooting with Oracle Support Functional Analyzers

By Kaberi Nayak and Ketan Thanki
OAUG Customer Support Council Chair and Co-Chair

Oracle Support Functional Analyzers
OAUG eLearning webinar
Hosted by the Customer Support Council
July 28, 2017, 10 a.m. EST
Watch the recorded webinar (member login required).

The Oracle Analyzers for E-Business Suite (EBS) are diagnostic tools that help you identify and resolve issues – sometimes before problems even become apparent or have the opportunity to impact systems. These tools help customers take a proactive approach to preventing problems.

What are the advantages of using Analyzers? 

      • Thorough analysis. 
    • Targeted recommendations.
    • Customer-friendly interface and reports.
    • Faster resolution.

If you're not familiar with Oracle's Analyzers, find out what other OAUG members have to say about them:

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Carrie Hollack
We leverage the delivered Analyzers and have been pleasantly surprised by Oracle's continuous investment in them. Using analyzers... Read More
Thursday, 27 July 2017 14:57
Cindy Force
The recorded webinar is now available for OAUG members. https://oaug.org/education-events/elearning/archive/2017/item/7066-oracle... Read More
Tuesday, 01 August 2017 17:22
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Take Five with Smartphone Applications

Advice for Rolling out Smartphone Applications for E-Business Suite

By: Ketan Thanki, Dynegy

Since mid-2014, Oracle has continued to release various smartphone applications that work with Oracle E-Business Suite. To date they have released 22 such applications. They are compatible and backported to work with EBS version 12.1.3. Most of the applications that Oracle has released are surrounding HCM, Financials, Supply Chain and Manufacturing modules. These applications come pre-licensed with the module of the application.

Some of the benefits of rolling out smartphone applications with EBS include: 

  • Making the applications and data available on a smartphone 
  • Additional User Interface option 
  • Making modules accessible to users in remote locations 
  • Shortening implementation cycles 
  • Accelerating the decision-making process by giving them access to data and taking action on exception type of transactions 
  • Low cost licensing and implementation 

If you're considering deploying the smartphone applications that run with Oracle E-Business Suite in your organization, continue reading for tips and a short video.

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