OAUG Research Study Explores Enterprise Application Managment

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ATLANTA – November 18, 2014

The Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG), the world's largest knowledgebase for Oracle Applications users, announced that it has released the results of an OAUG ResearchLine study that focused on the state of enterprise application performance and availability.

The study, conducted by Unisphere Research and sponsored by Oracle, is based on a survey of 741 application and IT professionals and conducted among members of the OAUG. Results confirm application performance continues to be a critical touch point, particularly for customer- and partner-facing applications. The survey finds that enterprises depend on their applications for a growing share of income, with at least 35 percent estimating that $100 million of their companies' annual revenues come through the online channel. In comparison, only 9 percent reported such levels five years ago.

Key findings from the study include the following:

• Consumers report a range of issues when attempting to use applications and complete transactions. IT managers and professionals are not forgiving of performance issues and will give up on a website altogether after a third unsuccessful experience, and many will abandon the vendor well before that point.
• 85 percent report that slow response times on e-commerce back-end applications still remain as much of an issue as they were five years ago.
• There has been a notable increase in efforts to automate the process of discovering performance problems. The survey finds an increase in respondents employing system management alerts that help enterprises address issues before they affect end-users and customers.
• 56 percent of IT managers and professionals say they are running at least some of their enterprise applications on top of private clouds. This percentage will continue to grow, and within five years most enterprises will have applications on private clouds.
• A majority of enterprises feel the effects of big data moving through their applications, and more than one-third say they are experiencing issues with network performance. About one-fourth say application performance is also impacted as a result of the big data surge.
• Of the respondents with big data impacting their applications, one-third use a hybrid cloud at this time, and this is expected to double to 63 percent within three years. Among companies with little or no big data impacting their applications, only 15 percent use a hybrid cloud, projected to rise to 47 percent in three years.

"The results of the survey offer a good recap of the current state of enterprise application performance and availability, and this will help our user group develop future plans relating to this important topic," said Alyssa Johnson, president of the OAUG. "We formed a new Oracle Enterprise Manager Special Interest Group within the OAUG precisely because operational management is of great interest to our members."

"Oracle and OAUG have a longstanding relationship of providing education and resources for Oracle Applications customers. Customers who relate to the findings of this study are encouraged to join the new OAUG Special Interest Group for Oracle Enterprise Manager and become an active voice in driving best practices, sharing knowledge and enhancing application performance," said Daniel Schrijver, senior principal product marketing director, Oracle.

OAUG ResearchLine is an exclusive proprietary resource for members of the OAUG that provides ongoing research and information about trends and challenges of interest to users of Oracle Applications. The executive summary of the survey results is available to all OAUG members through the organization's website at

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