The Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) offers a wide range of resources for Oracle Applications Users. For a quick overview, sign up for a live OAUG Orientation webinar or watch the video.

Here are answers to some common questions about the OAUG:

Is an OAUG membership corporate or individual?

Most OAUG memberships are corporate. When an organization joins the OAUG, every employee has access to all of the benefits of OAUG membership including education, networking, and influence with Oracle. Organizations that are licensed users of Oracle Applications and do not provide consulting services are classified as User Members. Firms that provide consulting services are classified as Associate Members. Independent consultants have the option of joining the OAUG as Individual Associates. Read more about membership types.

What is the term of OAUG membership?

You have the option to purchase a single year of membership, or you can save 5% by purchasing a two-year membership. Your membership expires one year (or two years) from the date your membership dues payment is processed.

How many employees can participate in the OAUG membership?

User Members and Associate Members can have an unlimited number of employees associated with their OAUG membership. Individual Associate Members are limited to one contact person.

How do I join the OAUG?

You can join online via our secure website or contact the OAUG Membership Department at +1.404.240.0897, extension 2.

What is the difference between a Member Log In and an OAUG Profile?

If your organization is not an OAUG member, you can still create an OAUG Profile in order to subscribe to the eNews newsletter or to participate in a Geographic or Special Interest Group. Once your employer becomes an OAUG member, logging in to your OAUG profile will enable you to access the members-only benefits such as OAUG Insight magazine, downloading papers from the Conference Paper Database, registering for eLearning webinars, and using the Member Directory.

How do I set up, use, change or reset the password for my OAUG Member Login or OAUG Profile?

Visit the OAUG Profile link at the top right of and follow the prompts to log in, create a new login, or request your password.

Why am I receiving an "Access Denied" Message when I try to access member benefits?

Your organization's OAUG membership must be renewed annually. You will not be able to access the benefits of membership if the membership has expired. Please contact the OAUG staff or call +1.404.240.0897, extension 2 for assistance.

How do I renew my membership?

Visit the Join/Renew Membership page, log in using your OAUG Member Login and follow the prompts to renew for one or two years of membership.

How do I request a membership invoice or receipt for my membership?

Please contact the OAUG staff or call +1.404.240.0897, extension 2 for assistance.

How do I request a W-9 to pay for the membership?

Please contact the OAUG staff or call +1.404.240.0897, extension 2 for assistance.

What is an OAUG Ambassador?

Each member organization has one designated OAUG Ambassador who serves as the primary point of contact.

If my organization's Billing Contact or Ambassador leaves the company, does the membership transfer with them?

No, the membership stays with the organization. If your Billing Contact or Ambassador leaves the member organization, a new Ambassador and/or Billing Contact can be assigned. Please contact the OAUG staff or call +1.404.240.0897, extension 2 for assistance.

Where can I post questions for other Oracle Applications users?

OAUG's LinkedIn group is a great place to post questions and answers.

How do I find contact information for other OAUG members?

Members of the OAUG can locate other members in the OAUG Member Database.

How do I become an OAUG Star Partner, advertiser, sponsor or exhibitor?

There are many ways to get involved as a Star Partner, sponsor, or advertiser.