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Vendor Awareness Sessions

The OAUG offers a unique educational opportunity to Oracle Applications users through its Vendor Awareness Sessions (VAS). These free sessions are provided on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays by OAUG Associate members seeking to showcase their complementary products and services.

Data breaches and other organized cyberattacks increased by a jaw dropping 40% last year. Many of those that were affected suffered multi-million dollar losses, executive-level firings and a devastating loss of customer trust. How do you protect yourself?

Many believe encrypting credit card data in Oracle can effectively protect it from cyberattacks like fraud and theft, but the reality is locally encrypted data can easily be decrypted and stolen. So, where does that leave Oracle customers? More and more are turning to tokenization along with a layered security strategy to prevent cybercrime. On March 23rd, join CardConnect for an educational webinar. During the 30-minute session, you’ll gain a clear understanding on the benefits of using tokenization over Oracle encryption to safeguard cardholder data and reduce PCI scope. You’ll also walk away with actionable steps you can take to evolve your own strategy today. Sign up now!