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XML is everywhere and developers come into contact with it both within applications and as the glue binding systems together. This session shares tips and trips about manipulating XML, including namespaces, XML Schemas, XSLT & XQuery. Everything that the well read developer needs to understand about the lingua franca of modern day computer systems. The session will talk about how to craft, parse and transfor XML efficiently. We will also discuss Oracle NXSD which allows non-XML formats to be processed as though they were XML.
Hillsborough County Aviation Authority recently overhauled its Approvals Management Engine rules library from more than 460 down to 28 by standardizing our workflow to follow one of two paths. For our operating budget invoices, we tied workflow rules to the requisition requestor. Once that invoice has originated with the requestor, it follows the supervisor hierarchy until it reached an approver with sufficient approval authority. Our project invoices follow a different logic and are based on the project tasks in Oracle Project Costing. We also standardized requisition and invoice limits to job codes in Core HR.
  • Author Jason Watkins
  • Company Hillsborough County Aviation Authority
  • Track Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • Secondary Track Projects and Portfolio Management
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