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Cost Management SIG

The Cost Management SIG was restarted in September 2007 as a Subcommittee of the Discrete Manufacturing SIG, and in late 2010, became the OAUG Cost Management SIG. Monthly webinars are held on a variety of topics, ranging from practical advice on using Oracle Cost Management, solving complex cost accounting issues, showcasing new products and collaborating to help each other do more with the Oracle Applications.

Webinar sessions are free, one hour duration and are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Join now (see Membership page) to receive information on the Webinars.


  • Promote understanding of Cost Accounting and how Oracle Cost Management can help people get their job done
  • Create an active group of people interested in helping each other with cost related issues
  • Enlist the participation for Oracle Cost Development and other Oracle Development groups to increase the understanding of Oracle Development
  • Compile a list of solutions for common costing challenges (designs, workarounds, sql, etc.).

Related items

  • A Case Study: Solving the Mystery of Product Line Accounting Using SLA in OPM Green Field Implementation

    Come and join us for an example of setting up Subledger Accounting for an OPM implementation, highlighting some of the differences of the process industry accounting requirements. Virbahu Jain, our own Cost SIG Co-Officer, will present this insightful example.

  • It's Finally Here! Oracle Cloud In-Memory Cost Management Solutions!

    Now you can use the power of Oracle's Engineered Costing Solutions without the upfront cost of on-premise hardware, Database and technology upgrade. Oracle is now launching In-Memory Cost Management Cloud Service as a subscription offering. Just imagine the speed and better analysis tools available with Cloud In-Memory Cost Solutions. Ashish Pathak from Oracle Development will be presenting on this latest offering to the OAUG Cost Management Group.

  • Why is eAM Costing Important?

    Learn about Oracle Enterprise Asset Management and how it accounts for maintenance costs. Which features are shared with Oracle Cost Management? Why is eAM Costing important, both from an Op Ex and Cap Ex perspective. What are common Subledger Accounting extensions for eAM? Are there better ways to implement costing for eAM? 

  • Managing Oil and Gas Operating Costs With Apex and Oracle PO's

    Managing the cost of operating oil and gas wells is challenging and critical in today's environment. Estimating expenses before maintenance and other operating services have begun is best handled by the folks in the field with 'boots on the ground'. Ensuring that invoices are processed timely and accounted for properly and accruals are accurate are the goals. Discover how the Oracle Procurement application can be utilized in tandem with custom Oracle Application Express forms to provide upfront cost estimates without the need for workflow pre-approval and import invoices with purchase order validations.

  • Cost Management Enhancement Requests/Ideas

    Over the past two years Oracle redesigned how you can offer valuable suggestions and improvements to the Oracle EBS Applications, through submitting ideas via the Oracle Cost Management Community in My Oracle Support. Oracle ProActive Support and Doug Volz will review how you can enter new ideas and vote on existing ones. We will discuss the top Cost Management ideas for Standard Costing, Average/FIFO/LIFO, Periodic Costing and for OPM Costing as well as ideas or suggestions that relate across all Cost Methods.

  • Want to Know Your Average Costs? Run Periodic Costing Alongside Your Costing Method!

    Do you use Standard Costing but are having difficulty tracking your average material and production costs? Want to know if Oracle has standard features that may help? Even for Release 11i as well as 12? On September 27th Doug will explain how Oracle Periodic Costing can work alongside your existing Discrete Cost Method.

  • Case Study: Subledger Accounting (SLA) from the user perspective at GE Renewables

    GE Renewables is implementing Release 12.2.4 along with a new Chart of Accounts (COA). This case study discusses the various modules that use SLA to change the default accounting in order to meet complex accounting requirements at GE.

  • Improved Profitability Through Detailed Costing, Advanced Analytics, and Reporting

    This session focuses on how companies have leveraged data stored in Oracle and other systems to obtained a more detail view of their costs and revenue resulting in improved profitability. By highlighting both the business and technology challenges of different manufacturing companies, attendees will get exposure into topics like calculating detailed Cost of Goods Sold, allocating overhead and building rates, analyzing variances and performing what-if scenarios. Lastly, the session will highlight best practices for analytics and reporting.

  • How to Manage the Inventory and Manufacturing Period Close and Remain Sane

    Do you have recurring issues with month-end close? Wishing there is a way to make the inventory and manufacturing month-end processes easier? Looking for solutions for common Discrete and Process Costing month-end challenges? Based on the highly successful Collaborate 15 Power Hour on Month-End Best Practices, learn about standard features you may have missed, standard and custom multi-organization reporting to speed your close cycle and other tricks and tips to ease the month-end pain.

  • Who Said Changing Cost Methods with Discrete Costing Can't Be Done?

    Did your firm implement Oracle Discrete Costing with Inventory (and perhaps with WIP and/or EAM) and settle on a Costing Method which was not appropriate for your industry or business situation? Unhappy with the financial consequences but when you contacted Oracle Support they told you that the only way forward was to re-implement? Well that is simply not true! Learn from leading Cost Management experts for how you can change your Discrete Costing Method, with limited risk to your business. Three approaches will be discussed, having great success at multiple clients. And yes, these approaches work for both Release 11i and 12.

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