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What is the process to be considered for the Board of Directors?

Please refer to the electronic notice of the call for candidates (PDF file) and Submission Guidelines/Sample Biography (PDF file). All candidates should then complete and submit the Candidate Submission Form online only.

How many open seats are there on the Board of Directors?

The OAUG Board of Directors comprises 14 authorized Directors and in 2018, seven seats are open for election.

What is the Nominating Committee?

Beginning in 2010, the OAUG Board of Directors began implementing a Nominating Committee for the election of its board of directors. Many professional associations and users groups rely on a similar model for analysis and planning and to ensure that the combined skill set of its board is strategically positioned to address the challenges and opportunities that the association faces.

The Nominating Committee for the election of the 2018 OAUG Board of Directors will not replace the standard election of candidates at large but, rather, is intended to augment the process. All other candidates on the ballot will be nominated by the membership. The Nominating Committee identified, interviewed and recommended two qualified individuals to include on the ballot as a slate. The Nominating Committee for the election of the 2018 OAUG Board of Directors included three at-large members and two current board members who are not up for reelection in 2017.

What is the time commitment of an OAUG Director?

The OAUG Board of Directors meets monthly via teleconference and, as required by the OAUG bylaws, meets face-to-face at least two times a year at venues such as the COLLABORATE conference, Oracle headquarters, Oracle OpenWorld, etc.

Do I have to have served on a committee to be eligible for the Board of Directors?

No, this is not a requirement but is recommended. 

Who is my organization’s Ambassador?

To confirm your organization’s Ambassador, access your profile by logging in  near the top-right of any page on the OAUG Web site. Once logged in, select 'Update Your OAUG Profile' under your name near the top-right of any page on the OAUG Web site. You will then be re-directed to your main profile page. From here, you will:

  1. Click on 'View User Membership' under the My Membership heading
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'Update Contact Info'
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and under 'Other Information', your organization's Ambassador will be listed.

If the Ambassador listed for your organization is not correct, please contact OAUG Membership immediately at + 1 404-240-0897 ext 2, or e-mail the correct information to .

I am the Ambassador for my organization but there is someone better suited for this role. How do I designate them as our new Ambassador?

Contact  to designate a new Ambassador within your organization by September 1. Your new Ambassador will receive the Board of Directors Elections electronic ballot and voting instructions on or before September 21.

How do I know if my organization’s membership is current?

Follow the instructions above for logging in and accessing your profile. Your organization’s membership expiration date will be listed under the My Membership headed on your profile's main page. If you require assistance with your organization’s membership, please contact .

Are Oracle employees eligible to run for the OAUG Board of Directors?

No. Per OAUG bylaws, Oracle is not eligible to be a member of OAUG. Therefore Oracle employees are not eligible to run for the Board of Directors.

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A list of candidates and their bios will be available after the call for candidates deadline has passed.